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Love these. Nice insight.

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It's a top view of a person.

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i was way off, i thought it was an amoeba, or a severed head with arms for ears.


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yeah i know... but only when i saw the other of the series.

pt1... would most people get to see the series?

pt2... would they ponder over the picture long enough to get it?

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i dont get it

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didn't get it until i saw the other executions.

i was just watching my futurama dvds so this made me think of nibbler's dark matter feces.
without the futurama influence i probably would have taken Tarek for a piece of coal in the grass.

the top view idea isn't that new either. but i think the other two executions work way better than this one.

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how about doing some real work for a change?

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Black Pencil
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Tsk... tsk...tsk...

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Like cocaine, doing work only for the purpose of winning an award is an addiction that
deteriorates the agency's talent, consumer’s brain cells and client’s money at a rapid pace.

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Shut Theory
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at first i thought tariq is an imaginary friend that has grown to existence eating cheese :) it is not quite apparent that its a top view, and i dont understand why he has to be a giant like that?


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Black Pencil
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Presume you can't do a half-exaggeration! So the 10-foot view I guess.

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he has a tick for a friend, so sad

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It's a cheesemite!

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You have to grow tall to see the angles! Growing tall these days ha?

Remember this? It's up to yooooohoou. :)

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