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Limia From Hell
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Club atletico Boca Juniors! :)

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If this is new; it's wonderful, it's great.

I love it very much when it's soooo simple but yet you can write up a 10 pages composition on it.

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Great! I love football and every ad with it is great!


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These are boring.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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7 examples 0 idea

come on!!! you are brazilians!

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i saw it for hewlett packard 12 years ago. same line, i can't find it. but there was a river plate (best soccer club in the world) t shirt with the boca juniors colors.

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Eum, i know that brazilian love football, but an ad whit an argentine team? How much teams have the brazilian Football? Ouuu the art direction... Sorry i dont like the idea

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The colors at the soccer (football) world are a the sign of your tribe. In Brazil if you use the color of one team at the day of its match, it's better you don't meet the other crew... Never paint the simbol of a club with its rival club colors - this is what the ad is talking about, never change the color, use the correct color.


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Com certeza vc é da agencia que fez.

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Idea is ok, but i don´t like copy

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these are great i have this flag in my room right now

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Quiero ver a la 12 con todas sus banderas, las sombrillas y los bombos pero en avellanedaaaaaa.
Dale Racing

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one must be familiar with all these logos in order to understand these ads


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Limia From Hell
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Club atletico Boca Juniors! :)