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The problem is visualized very well in all of them. But the copy seems so clumsy to me.

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May have been slightly lost in translation from sie Deutsch.

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These are awesome. Clear and simple and fresh. I really like how you found 3 different ways of showing audio quality loss.
This one is my favourite because I imagine this is what the music sheet would look like for a 128kb MP3.

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very very very very old idea..

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And how about a sharper idea?

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I like these. But yeah, they do feel old. Can't explain it - haven't actually seen the same idea done before. But it just FEELS like something that would've been great 10 years ago. Doesn't mean it's crap now though, just that now it's just... nice.

But I hate the line. "Sharper sound." "Clearer sound". "Less distortion." That's all you need.

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Crazy Like a Fox will be able to explain.

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