alenq's picture
109 pencils

behind "simple" graphic execution is a simple but warm and suiting message...
i like the ad and the effort done for great number of note cases.

Wordnerd's picture
6692 pencils

this is sweet!

Righteousone's picture
779 pencils

very nice :-)

Kateter's picture
2029 pencils

some painstaking job in this one. maybe too may of them. if they break them into a series of ads, it'd be more visually attractive.

but I like the idea.

Don Draper's picture
Don Draper
144 pencils

Couldn't agree with you more about there being too many. As a musician who reads music, some of these make no sense whatsoever. They manage to come up with MANY that are crystal clear so I don't understand why they didn't do some pruning. Even still, I wish I had done it! A waaaaay better idea than I expected when I clicked to enlarge. Very, very nice.

kgeiger's picture
7287 pencils

I second the motion.

adrianapr's picture
1238 pencils

i understand what you're saying but you know what, i like it that way. First because at the first look it looks like a music score (maybe the parts could be a little closer to make it really looks like one), second because it is kinda long, but it's interesting to see, at least i went through all of them and many made me smile.

yes, it can perfectly work in a serie of ads. And if it wins any awards, it would made them won more. :)

marco2008's picture
22 pencils

quite nice...

smudge23's picture
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This is the visual equivalent of a long copy ad. Very nice.

zeta's picture
81 pencils

hahahaha...this great!!! this make me laugh.. nice!!!!

Olafski001's picture
1193 pencils

nice idea well excuted a lot to discover in the ad
good job

Wolfgang's picture
151 pencils

visually nothing new, but nice idea and well executed. good job leds!

lishoyg's picture
73 pencils

very nice...

sold's picture
3305 pencils


StPepper23's picture
269 pencils

very nice work

ivan's picture

I like how the page reflects the light in the top left corner.

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Charlie Pratt
427 pencils

I went to music school. This is great. Should be up in music schools everywhere.


daniel ieraci's picture
daniel ieraci
333 pencils

I think it's fantastic. Loved the communication immediately.

_dam_'s picture
4 pencils

It's a copy of a CocaCola ad ! ! !
Take a look... here it is:

adrianapr's picture
1238 pencils

helloooooo, how can you say it's a copy, dam??
i went to your link thinking i would see other ad, and BAM, the coca cola ad "for everyone".

it's a GRRRREAT AD, it's print and not TV, it's german, it's talking about how anyone can access music, etc etc etc... can't you argentinian guys stop being so jealous about other people's work??

Tincho's picture
1093 pencils

Is the same concept with different execution. Is it so hard to see?

adrianapr's picture
1238 pencils

since so many people here say it's not the same, the answer is yes, it's quite hard to see, tincho.

on the other hand, it's easy to explain: some people come here with a magnifying glass and their only purpose is to find "done" ads, scam ads, etc etc, so they can prove and show everyone HOW MUCH they know the global advertising industry. this is ridiculous.

you know when we say an idea is "forced"?... it's just the same, some comments are very very forced.

INXS's picture
26 pencils

Para el que dice que es una copia del anuncio de Coca-Cola: no, es asi...................son ejecuciones diferentes!

rogoico's picture
2 pencils

Copies of coca cola.
Es la misma ejecución.
Si no saben español, aprendan, que ya es hora.
vean: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYzVW3Pqy9o

INXS's picture
26 pencils

¿¿donde dice que es exclusivo opinar en ingles??.....ah?????????? .....seria bueno que hicieras comentarios más constructivos..............

lexsunhill's picture
15 pencils

striptease dancers, emo bitches, ball lickers and photo boot bacteria infested scum.

that really gets old after reading like two of them.

Totto's picture
685 pencils

i ve been clapping for you ever since i saw this ad. Hats off clothes off everything off.This is exceptional.

Intelligent ads are the need of the hour.

Tincho's picture
1093 pencils

The concept has been done in Argentina for Coca Cola by Martín Mercado (in McCann-Erickson) years before:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYzVW3Pqy9o (ORIGINAL)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DcCSa77mzWk (IN ENGLISH)

This is just a new way to show it.

Zeus's picture
906 pencils

DAMN...that is so cool...!!!! GREAT IDEA, smart!!!

seiyapunk's picture

bueno yo opino, que es aceptable lo que se dice sobre como todos pueden acceder a la música, pero si no fuera una copia entonces practicamente cualquier marca podría generar avisos con el mismo concepto, creo que este tipo de avisos se pueden hacer con casi todo tipo de producto, pero el de coca cola fue el original y el primero en utilizar este camino. si quieren decir para todos hay mejores formas que recurrir a la publicidad que ya esta hecha.


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