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nice campaign, but I don't think that the space between the front teeth can be this wide... I guess


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unless they are missing

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you know who you never see eating crackers? jews...yeah jews. makes you think huh..

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what! me worry?.....alfred neuman 82

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

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I don't get, the reason of 3 subjects for the same thing. I bite is a bite, on wathever it is.

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es un camino muy facil, "QUE PASA SI" alguien que no tiene dientes muerde algo, no me parece una gran observacion, vi muchas graficas con este mismo pensamiento, y generalmente este tipo de camino no sorprende mucho sin embargo en este caso si... sera la ley de las masas que no hace distinciones de razas ni paises?

It is a very easy way, " THAT HAPPENS IF " someone who does not have teeth bites something, does not look like to me a great observation, I saw many(many people) graphs with the same thought, and generally this type of way does not surprise very much nevertheless in this case if ... sera the law of the masses that does neither distinctions of races nor countries?

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