Multiple Sclerosis Society: Cat vs Dog

Multiple Sclerosis turns your brain & body against each other.

Multiple Sclerosis causes scars on the brain that disrupt the messages to your body. When your brain and body canât communicate, it can feel like theyâre at war. The campaign from TBWA Tequila Auckland represents this inner battle using the contrast between cat vs dog, and hunter vs deer. The conflicting images show what it must feel like for a sufferer of MS and how hard it can be to control their own body.

Advertising Agency: TBWA\Tequila, Auckland, New Zealand
Executive Creative Director: Andy Blood
Copywriter: Amy Thexton
Art Director: Jessica Neale
Illustrator: Lauren Marriott
Via: bestadsontv


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Innovative approach, and I love the style of these illustrations. Maybe better more original contrasts?

silvi's picture
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Looks like an humor campaign for a serious problem. I don´t know.

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don't listen to these blokes. Just keep doin what you're doin. nice brain.

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Interesting approach. Illustration is great

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For the first time I understand what MS is really like for someone. Not an easy brief but quite a brave and interesting approach.

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As someone with MS, I think the thought of "Multiple Sclerosis turns your brain & body against each other" is interesting and right, but I think the execution is wrong and I sort of agree with silvi.

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The idea at the core is very nice (two opposites fighting with each other). The execution (cat / dog / person) and illustration really don't help it at all. Am I meant to laugh at these ads? I'm confused with the tone of the ad.

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Agree with Silvi and guest. Basic thought is good, but there is absolutely no drama in these visuals.

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