MultiArmazéns: Piano

Your business just got easier.

Advertising Agency: SPR, Novo Hamburgo, Brazil
Creative Director: Alessandro Garcia
Art Director: Gilnei Baruio Silva
Copywriter: Cícero de Cesero
Illustrator: Posimidia
Account Director: Gustavo Ermel
Production: Mauren Steinmeier
Responsible for the Client: Cristiane Gerhard
Planner: Eduardo Brandalise
Published: April 2010


satrianee's picture
3748 pencils

"your business get just tasteless" this way. does this mean "you don't need no skills, no gifts, no knowledge"?

Adaddicted's picture
3435 pencils

...agree with satrianee.


consolidated.db's picture
545 pencils

The problem with these is that the device doesn't relate to either 'MultiArmazéns' or what they actually do.

So it leaves you kinda empty. And it doesn't really endear them to their target.


HV's picture
212 pencils

Your business just got limited, in fact so limited that you cant even play the popcorn tune on your piano...

perromalo's picture
429 pencils

I fully agree with everyone above, but I still find kind of interesting the visual.

atb2005's picture
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I don't think this has anything to do with skills, knowledge, etc. A piano with just 2 keys means exactly what it means: incredibly easy to use. So there you have the message "your business just got easier".

Corbeen's picture
1095 pencils

it means that when u play on this piano ur head will explode of hearing only 3 tones. And if same thing happens to ur business u might end up with no business.

Its forced .

atb2005's picture
13567 pencils

Read my comment for the other image.

Corbeen's picture
1095 pencils

A "please" would be fine next time. Yes I read it and its too poetic like this one. And basically u give high marks for such cliche solution, with all the respect to ur taste (de gustibus non est disputandum) , the theory of how people understand advertising and how they should, truly fails starting with me.

Guest's picture

Yes, this has nothing to do with skills or knowledge -- just ignorance. A piano with three keys (not two) is something entirely useless, not something that's "easy" to use. Ask yourself what kind of music could you make with only three notes? Who would trust their trust my business to someone who thought a three-key piano would be better than and eighty-eight-key piano?

Molecule's picture
437 pencils

I agree with atb2005 these ads should not be taken literally

R U serious's picture
R U serious
408 pencils

You business just got dumb.

Say my name, say my name...

thedesignaddict's picture
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A piano with 3 keys is limited and very boring. Sorry.

luispiter's picture
2756 pencils

what you can do with so few buttons ... bad

Blashyrkh's picture
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This visual reminds me a turkish WC pan.....

cfmanager's picture
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Should find another example.

RSimmonds's picture
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Normal people don't look that deep into an advertisement. They'll get the concept and not try to analyze it like a bunch of marketers.

This ad works.

atb2005's picture
13567 pencils

Amen to that

Corbeen's picture
1095 pencils

From where do u get this theories? from bible copywriters? I want subscription to ur normal people data base.
Ur thesis would be that people are not so much into advertising so why to make a good one when average can pass...?

the_lizard_king's picture
1259 pencils

good job

And then GOD said...
Let there be creativity!!!

aRianna_.'s picture
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I love the art, and agree with Rsimmonds and atb2005.

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