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Activity Score 1985


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Chopped off his mullet for the photo shoot.

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Activity Score 1985

haha.simple cool

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simple and very clever

Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not.
Pablo Picasso

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Activity Score 426

Really good.

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Very nice.

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que poronga!

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Popsicle as bribery? That kid's gotta raise the bar! LOL!
Love it anyways!

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this one is easier to get than the other one, maybe because the task of cutting his hair is not food related. i needed to see this one to understand the other. nice thinking, not sure about the art direction, but not bad overall.

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Activity Score 614

As pointed out by Darrin Stevens, this exact same idea was used for Ben & Jerrys - 3 frames, a bribery frame, and then a results frame. How the heck do 2 EXACT ideas get done at the same time? Who is the plagiarist, because there's no way one didn't copy the other.

See the other mullet ad here:


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the ads are done by the same students bubblestheclownfish... look at the credits...

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HAHAHAAAAAAAA! Of course, thanks for the point-out. Then the question needs to be asked again (as it was before by someone else), how does this answer the client's need for a targetted solution? It's just a very cute idea just waiting for a substituted product shot (insert chocolate bar, insert ice cream, insert toy car etc. etc.). Not keeping the same product just makes the need more apparent. It's a great concept, and the 3/1/1 works perfectly, just don't plop in another product on a whim.

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thats how the heck 2 EXACT ideas gets done at the same time

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Ooooh! That's a bit close for comfort, kids.
That is the ONE ad rule they should learn.
I've taught Uni design students the 'idea' approach...
along with the NASTY ramifications of getting busted.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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They should do a circumcision one, LOL.