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June 2009

Print advertisment created by Mullen, United States for Mullen, within the category: Agency Self-Promo.

Mullen moves to Boston.

Advertising Agency: Mullen, Boston, USA

Chief Creative Officer: Edward Boches

Executive Creative Director: Mark Wenneker

Senior Art Director: Bo Deng

Copywriter: Kerry Shea

Art Buying: Tracy Maidment

Deer Illustration: Rad Sechrist,

Turkey Illustration: Nook

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I believe execution could have been much better. I feel there's something wrong with the sun's rays, shadows, also the clouds, they look real, not cartoonic (other visual is better in this issue). Also not to forget folks, the color of the stroke around logo and copy doesn't match with the whole artwork's color mood... AND HEY, why a turkey? they willing to die there? lol

outsmart me, if you can

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if i'm understanding this correctly (trojan horse as turkey) then i love it. it's very funny. it's 1000% better than the other one.
Now Mullen has to move on and GET OVER their stupid move already! jesus christ, you guys moved offices, big deal.

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No kidding. Who gives a rat's ass?

Physician, heal thyself!

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seriously. they've been talking about this move forever. they got the mayor of boston to speak in their new agency (about what, who knows or cares) and their site is ALL about "WE MOVED!!!". maybe you guys should focus on the work. that said, i love this ad.

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what's a mullen?