MTVSWITCH.ORG: Fists of fury, Tornado

Our planet is losing patience.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Vienna, Austria
Creative Directors: Ivo Kobald, Alexander Rudan
Art Director: Christian Bircher
Copywriters: Marco Kalchbrenner, Markus Zbonek
Published: March 2009

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the artwork is nice

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the art work is nice

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john ler
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I'm fed up with this mtv's social activism : aids, hunger, poverty, and now environment...
Why don't they just rethink their music programms?

Otherwise, i like the line "Our planet is losing patience"

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john ler
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So what ??

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on the contrary, I hate the line very much.

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Did somebody know the Photographer or which Skyline this is????

Nice Work by the way....

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It's Shanghai.

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the wrath of the gods shall fall upon thee if you dont switch (on or off) MTV

"just commenting to gather points i love free drinks"

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

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very good line and nice artwork, but somehow MTV does not make me believe that they really want to change something as it's more like they are having fun being "trendy" fighters for the things pork_eater already has listed.


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i prefer a DRILL insted of using hand

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MTV ads...

Buts is pretty.


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awesome idea and layout..

i think its an refreshing aproach...

btw, great copy too...

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Nice Art

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Carlos Garcia
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Great Line. congrats.


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VERY Nice work....

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Scare tactics for this particular cause are so overdone. You'd think with a big budget that the idea would at least be something fresh...

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That is a fake fact.

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The J Man
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I like it. How about another one with nature giving us the finger rather than a fist?

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BS. You can triple it if you go back far enough. Noticed anything about the last few years? Fewer Hurricanes. Advertising in support of a lie just harkens back to its roots and will make advertising die the death of newspapers.

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very nice art work

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well done!

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nice thought...SAVE MOTHER EARTH

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