MTV Idents: Hand made man

You think it, you do it. Become a film-idents-maker. Call for entries.

Advertising Agency: This is a thing, Italy
Art Director: Federico Pepe
Photographer: Pierpaolo Ferrari


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Joseph Campbell
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"Here kitty kitty kitty! Where are you?" Sylvia cried into her handkerchief. Her tall friend, Quorkal, could only sigh. "She was ever the playful kitten, Quorkal. What ever shall I do without her?" Sylvia collapsed at this moment, though not because she was sad. It was mostly because her friend was in fact rather insane and quite possibly not even human. He bludgeoned her with the baseball bat he was carrying. Earlier, when Sylvia had asked him why he was bringing a baseball bat, he said that all kittens respond to the sound of their mother. Sadly, Sylvia did not question this logic.

We'll reconvene at 10.


I've decided I hate signatures.

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U want to consider writing a book?? That is if you havent already? :)

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