MTV: Chords, Sunday bloody sunday

If you know music, you know MTV.

Advertising Agency: Loducca, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Guga Ketzer, Cassio Moron, Marco Monteiro, Pedro Guerra
Art Director: Denon Oliveira
Copywriter: Alex Bitencourt
Photographer: Diogo Salles
Published: May 2011


SF's picture
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i dont get it. what are those little thumbnails supposed to mean?

niniasufle's picture
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it means green day bloody sunday (i'm kinda short sight)
but what is really visible is the 2 minutes artwork


mltn's picture
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Sunday bloody sunday by U2

niniasufle's picture
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That's why I found it weird :S

Danbreezy's picture
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I'm sure they could have thought of a better execution in a couple more minutes rather than using the crop tool for thumbnails. so bad, and it's always icing on the cake when you see that this campaign took 4 creative directors and an art director. Where the hell is the 0/10 star rating option?!

jjf's picture
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Thanks for the explanation ninia, I'd NEVER get what it means.

MidasTouch's picture
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Oh gosh D:

//usevertising v.s badvertising//
C'est une question de vie ou de mort.

dmm531's picture
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bad concept that totally misses the target audience. MTV's typical viewer is in their teens and twenties. The songs in the campaign are all classic rock and not relevant to the audience. Also, I don't think MTV holds the position of being the source for music since they barely play videos anymore.

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