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chintan ruparel
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expected better stuff from ravi deshpande, now that he's on the cannes 07 film jury!

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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my 5 years old sister, which i don't have, has better thoughts than this one.

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for me, not a good idea, i want to see pretty mt.everest. it brings me to a sadness that development make nature disappear. sorry for my emotional :(

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gosh. the execution is internship. now i doubt the judgment of this year's cannes winners.

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Pls switch off you CAPS LOCK!

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oh, i get it. the mountain's flat. like the ad.

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Is it only for award ???????????????????????????????

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Shut Theory
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i dont understand why none of u like it, it looks great to me and conveys the message straight away.


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It's an example of an exaggeration that goes too far. It's so basic in its thinking and it leaves nothing for the viewer to figure out other than "oh, it's flat. Irons flatten things out. This iron must make things really flat."

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Charley Xie
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My god!!!

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Big time CD's should take more care when they post ads like these. Sorry Mr.Deshpande. YOU should do better.

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Too obvious - way too first idea for me. I'm starting to wonder if something isn't being lost in translation with these Dubai ads, though. I don't see the benefit (It can flatten out anything? I just want to iron my clothes!), but perhaps the original copy has a twist that we can't get.

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