Mt. Everest

June 2007
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A few decades from now, scaling Mount Everest will no longer be a challenge.
Help prevent global warming. Save Earth

Advertising Agency: Pupa communication, Kolkata, India
Art Director: Anirban
Copywriter: Ranadeep

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Here I am sharing a realistic write by a poet from Nepal about the pain mt. everest is going through. Here is the poem.

Talk to me, Mt. Everest
- Bhuwan Thapaliya

Talk to me, Mt. Everest
in any mode, you can.
To the world, your murmers
are only the bulges of the snow
but me, I understand.
As a stretched rubber band,
You’re looking for a refuge
to take a breather
for a year or two
far away , far away
from the ripple
of the human muscles
and the camber
of your own glaciers.