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Marlus Lau
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Humm...interesting. (This is obviously the most common comment of mine in this site).

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I get it, but the idea is too simple... dull rather.

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ek kanya
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just for kicks? is there really an ad out there like thiss?

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With the 'idea' of gambling i believe the ad should be something more... risky?! :-)

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For a topic like this, it should be more dramatic. As it is, besides being kinda boring, it's a bit too... organized.

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good idea =') but can improve on art direction and colours

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Good idea. Art direction o.k.

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Simplicity makes it appealing.Good methaphor.

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Nice and creative, I am not sure about the effectiveness.

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Ok. Art direction not well

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The idea is nice, but could be more well executed. I don´t know if cards hanging from out of the agenda is the right solution...

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Idea is OK, art direction could have been better


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