MS Society: Tug of War

Multiple Sclerosis turns your body against itself.

Photographer: Peter Holst /

Short rationale:

With MS, signals from the brain fail to reach the body. This can lead to a sudden loss of movement in the limbs, paralysis, or even blindness. It's a degenerative disease that forces a body to betray itself. The MS Society is fighting to end this condition. And they could use your help.

Advertising Agency: Immersion Creative, Vancouver, Canada
Creative Director: Mike Catherall
Art Directors: Katie Lapi, Oran Rahmani, Seann Einerssen
Copywriter: Mike Catherall
Photographer: Peter Holst
Design: Katie Lapi
Project Coordination: Suzanne Jay
Makeup Artist: Marie-Helene Babin
Styling: Claudia Da Ponte

May 2013


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Hank Marvin
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Love this!

certaintly's picture
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my problem with this ad is that the tone and the idea arent in cohesion. if youre gonna go dark and somber, then the idea should also be dark and somber.

here i see a funny, comical, satiricalish idea. like a jokester or a prank, like your body is going against you just for the fun of it.

the guy at the end has a smirk painted on his proud face. that shouldnt be there if theyre going for a dark and somber tone.

Der Dada's picture
Der Dada
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certaintly! Agree with you. Is a disease not commonly known and yet the visual is misleading

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I like the execution !

Designer Don't Do Different Things
They Do Things Differently

the_lizard_king's picture
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Completely agree with certaintly on this. I think that it in a way mocks the serious disease. There is are things that sound and feel better on a funny note... but not something like this. But the execution is good.

And then GOD said...
Let there be creativity!!!

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Look at his eyes. MS is the devil.

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