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I think the illustration and retouching is a bit dodge.

On the mark conceptually and from an art direction pov, not bad.

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Great thought, strange execution.

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The line may be catchy, but for me its not a good idea. Its literal and lame. And the art is very bad. For me, at least.

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where's the thought? agreed the execution is in ur face and it is an apt display of what the viewer feels after seeing the ad, and more importantly, after reading that dreadful line!

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'man warming'...god, what a catchy line!

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how about?
a campaign for head-splitting.
a campaign for head-exploding.
a campaign for head-bursting.

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but bad execution
the environment setting was wrong
sexy clothing? why black clouds? it look like some....weird poster for weird disaster movie, from far

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simple and funny man warming, execution, I don't know, should be better but I like the strange way of it. Why not?
have seen an ad for a mobile brand in Shots CDs made buy those guys . Was very cool. Good portfolio..

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i love the art on this one. it looks so wicked

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A creative director should have saved the concept and killed the execution. The idea that these clothes will get men all hot and bothered is solid. The line and execution are very clumsy though.

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the art is beautiful, but the idea is suspect at best.

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swati s
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i cld link this to mr.Burns frm simpsons in more ways than one;)

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Terrible... it looks like an ad targeted at males. How many men do you know buy clothes for their girl?
Who is the target? It does not make me wan't to go out and find more info about this brand which claims 'these clothes make you look so hot your man will catch on fire'. The man looks like a hairy nerd. Perhaps they could have used a younger more attractive/sexy male, insitu rather than in your face. Whatever happened to good ol' hot skinny models selling clothes. Gemma Ward?

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