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Even though there have been so many good Tabasco ads this one somehow manages to have its own feel. Nice ad, good art.

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Have Heart
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Not a new thought, but the execution is pretty funny.

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yeah, not new. but i love the non chalant body posture. kudos to the photographer.

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snickers/punkers eh?

it looks like an explosion of sand/dust/dirt..

kinda reminds me of sandman from spider-man 3..

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very fresh but i wouldnt have branded tshirts, its too distracting

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another head exploding ad for hot food.


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I don't like it. It looks more dusty than hot.
The shirt reminds me of Snickers...

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Dick Huges
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Dick Huges approve this ads. Even tho is the same ad repeated 4 times.

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how can this be creative when ive been seeing this since i was a wee kid, in bugs bunny cartoons? first thought scam.

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the dirt (not smoke) look like an alien. haha.

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Award festival time!!!!

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I thought that Snickers has a new hot product !

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funny indeed, but one execution alone would have been enough i suppose. and i don't get it... are there facial expressions suggested in those dusty shapes?

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Javi Ending
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I thought it was Snickers from a distance, having a branded shirt is a big no no in this one

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