Mr. Clean: Reindeer

Shinier floors.

Advertising Agency: Grey Argentina
Executive Creative Directors: Pablo Gil, Sebastian Garin
Creative Directors: Diego Rubio, Coco Olivera
Copywriters: Gustavo Botte, Darío Porterie
Art Director: Federico Braga
Photographer: Buenavista fotografía
Retoucher: Carlos Herrmann


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borrowed interest, can we please take a new approach?

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546 pencils

Ya se ha hecho mucho como esto.
lo siento

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they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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..the light come from the floor, and not from the bulb.
Too complicated.

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seen a lot of 'shining' like this

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Me to ????

Je ne comprends pas.

No comprendo

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yo aprovechaba la sombra que es de un animalito y le ponía "naturally shinier floors" o algo por el estilo
pero es sólo una cosa que se me ocurre ahora, quizás estoy hablando de más

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dejen de robar avisos que ya ganaron.

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Yeah, I guess it must be light from the floor, if we're looking up at the ceiling. But my first thought was that the floor was so shiny that the guy had slipped over and the shadow from his hands clutching for balance just happened to make a reindeer shape!

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