MP Jewellers: Neck

Feels Like Nothing!

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Kolkata, India
Creative Director: Sumanto Chattopadhyay
Associate Creative Directors: Sukhendu Mukherjee, Koustuv Chatterjee
Art Directors: Altaf Hossain, Partha Chowdhury
Copywriters: Alka Adhikari, Uttaran Chaudhuri
Photographer: Sanjib Ghosh

September, 2009


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I really like the thought, but hate the exclamation at the end of the copy! Plus, you really don't need that scam festival for could just say 'light jewellery from so & so...'. Also, knock off that really weird tagline from below the logo and voila! it's much neater, crisper...


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we need more exclamation points in advertising.

eg. The ultimate driving machine!

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by the way copywriters--- jewelery has lot more to feel without saying anything.

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Something's terribly wrong about the copy.

"Nihil sub sole novum"

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Yes it IS nothing.

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I thought the visual says our jewellery will belong to you so close like nothing else or something like that.

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robert saravanan
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Yes, It's feels like nothing in it. Disrepute to O&M, Kolkata branch.

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All you guys need to have brains to get the O&M things!

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Seems like somebody would like to get a job there by kissing asses.

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Purpose of an advertisement is to 'sell' (to be as clear as possible) , not to make the audience think what the hell they are tryin to say.

Ads from O&M doesn't always have to be good or thoughtful, sometimes they suck too.

I agree with everyone that thinks the copy is an utter waste for this campaign.

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if it feels like nothing then why wear it? it doesn't make any sense, just one innocent question "would you wear a cloth knowing that "it feels like nothing?", wouldn't it arouse many other questions such as what if your cloth has slipped off in public place or classy restaurant now since "it feels like nothing" you won't be able to notice it and imagine yourself when it happen, now that's exactly what i don't want. imagine my surprised after knowing it came from O&M. i agree with the former poster Dzsoi.

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jewelry that feels like you're wearing nothing... strange selling proposition.

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Buy the new jewelery, because it feels like nothing, NOTHING! And nothing is what you get.


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You just made me laugh, thanx, thats exactly what it is!

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As gold price is shooting up everyday, if we feel like 'feels like nothing', then it's not fair.

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jackal hunts
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I think the ad was for 'light jewellery' but the copy made it a mess:(

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the feeling that you are wearing NOTHING when you ARE wearing jewellery is not exactly nice.
the add is totally wrong

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feels like nothing ... of course "copy " feels like..(....)

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so common for a jewelery ad !!....typical copy

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Maybe a better line could save this concept? But 'Feels like nothing.' isn't going to sell jewelry. | | wordjones

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...I wonder what the jewellery is like?

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i like the copy as well as art direction atleast better than the previous one where hand has been showed...

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ladies wont buy jeweleries if it Feels like nothing....bad job O&M..ur my fav so come out wit something worthy

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remember reading something ditto for an ad for seamless panties. To think that someone would want to use it for jewelry is really pathetic plagiarism. And you guys actually get paid for this? I cant imagine someone with such little brains even having a job.

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ONE BAD AD like this is enough to Nullify all ur goodwill

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