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March 2008

Print advertisment created by Leche 2, Chile for MP4, within the category: Electronics, Technology.

What you imagined.
What it was.
Discover who's behind each song.

Advertising Agency: Leche 2, Chile
Executive Creative Directors: Sebastian Zegers, Sebastian Arteaga, Cristobal Zegers
Creative Director: Cristobal Arteaga
Copywriters: Cristobal Arteaga, pato Reyes, Tomas Cisternas
Art Director: Misbet Crocop

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monicamexico's picture
Activity Score 830

This is weak in a lot of ways. First of all, we usually know what or favorite singers look like. Secondly, what does iPod have to do with that?

Tinglow's picture
Activity Score 614

Explaination please!

oscarpola's picture
Activity Score 470

Its not an Ipod its a mp4 microlab player. which is like a copy of the Ipod video in south america

consolidated.db's picture
Activity Score 545

ok, iPod or iPod imitator, whatever - the question still stands as to the relation between the message and the product.

arcadia's picture
Activity Score 2

Well, considering it says that it's the new MP4, I guess we can assume the brand just launched this product, and the ad would refer to the biggest difference between the MP3 and the MP4, which is the possibility to view videos and images. So whatever you listened to on the MP3, you're now able to see how it looks like on the MP4.

everartz's picture
Activity Score 7615

iPod id the original everything else is just waste of money.. just like this campaign!

| everartz |

cjh2177's picture
Activity Score 9

I don't understant what it means

is anybody who can let me know what this ad says?

sold's picture
Activity Score 3305

e o chile tem as melhores escolas e um dos melhores IDHs da américa latina... imagine se não tivesse

Guest's picture

Muy bueno, simple, perfecto

Anonymous Author's picture
Anonymous Author
Activity Score 1541

Wrong. Did not imagine any such thing.

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