Movistar: Fisherman

If my heart becomes too large to contain, will you lend me your chest?
Connected we can do more.

Advertising Agency: Y&R Peru
Executive Creative Director: Flavio Pantigoso
Head of Art: Christian Sánchez
Art Director: Erick Galván
Account Director: Manuel Ahumada
Agency Producer: Daniella Dañino
Photographer: Lucía Arana

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atb2005's picture
13567 pencils

I find it a tad abstract for a mobile carrier. That doesn't mean it's "bad". I know exactly what they are trying to say here.

thedesignaddict's picture
5366 pencils

Abstract visual with an abstract idea. It is going to leave your average consumer confounded.

akshaysrikar's picture
420 pencils

very true. i second that.

Paldix's picture
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Hummmm... Arrogant comments like atb2005's, stereotyping Latin America, makes me feel embarrased... Who the fuck are you and what do you know about Peruvian reality in order to pontificate about what is deep, abstract or light for a mobile company according to the reality of that market? BTW I think is a great brand campaign.

Adaddicted's picture
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Just the Tagline was fair enough to carry out the message. I think they are late by 10 years to publish it. Escapist art ;-(
I dunno why the people feel embarrassed when they read an honest comment! My 2 pencils ;-))


bobby666's picture
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i have seen the TVC. so I can say the print is briiliantly adapted and the entire campaign is in sync. Kudos to you guys.

xcreativity's picture
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it's confusing. how the heck will the end user get this?

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Reality Check's picture
Reality Check
1799 pencils

He has no legs!

dani_boi's picture
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This one is fantastic. The art direction is very dynamic and I like how it feels like the guys are actually helping each other.
It's in line with the TVC. Great!

dthlb72's picture
545 pencils

looks eerie...

mar.'s picture
9 pencils

I loved the TVC. And yes, you need to know about Peruvian reality to get the point. This is a really good campaign.

mar.'s picture
9 pencils

I loved the TVC. And yes, you need to know about Peruvian reality to get the point. This is a really good campaign.

michelangelo's picture
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terrible art direction, the guy on the left wearing same jacket... legless creatures, etc

fala fulani's picture
fala fulani
254 pencils

I have seen the TVC and its brilliant!

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