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i suffer so i understand this so but i think they could have put some people in

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Juan Pablo De Gamboa
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no taste at all

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Grease lightning. Brilliant!

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seen this strategy a hundred times.

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James Hoke
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there's a better way to do an ad.

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room of cinema for one person?


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how much times are we going going to see THE SAME idea over and over?

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Mr. Phill
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I'd like to shit on it in the middle of an opera show... Haha!!!

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Ron Jeremy
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Shit. Crap. Poo.

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Luz Valdez
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Bitter people, 1 ..... 2 ....... 3 ....... Unite!

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malaysian tomboy
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Yes, u

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Do any of you morons actually know what Crohn's Disease is? How desperate the sufferers are to be near a toilet. How they don't go to the cinema because they are sick with worry about having no control over when they empty their rings. The intense pain of emptying your bowl and it feels like you're excreting razor blades...

I love the way you naively criticise these campaigns without knowing the first thing about the market, the audience and the strategy. This is a very clever campaign - do try to understand it - the target audience do...

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The target audience is everybody who doesn't know what the Crohn's disease is? i think that's not really clear yet.
Also for me it isn't really clear this is about a medicine product.

I think these visuals are good and interesting for the problem. But are these visuals not a bit cheap?
This is a funny angle, but doesn't this problem needs a more deeper and serious angle.

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Good point. I was going to say that a friend of mine with Crohn's indeed has to plan out routes to the nearest toilet wherever he goes, but BasW is right - this ad is aimed at people who don't have Crohn's. Even changing the line to. "Imagine what it's like..." or "This is what it feels like..." etc. etc. and then adding a call to action would work.

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I'm assuming this ad is either aimed at healthcare professionals to promote a product called 'Remicade' or at Crohn's sufferers to advertise the drug. this is not a charity ad. It's designed to make prescribers or users think about Remicade whenever they see a Crohn's sufferer.
FYI: Remicade has many uses including Rheumatoid Arthritis, Plaque psoriasis and ankylosing spondylitis. Therefore it might not be top of mind when thinking about Crohn's. This ad is to reinforce it's positioning in this area.

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i suffer so i understand this so but i think they could have put some people in

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this same visual was done years ago by O&M delhi for satyam cinemas horror film festival

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Interesting ad that is sensitve to the emotions of those with the disease and makes those unaffected pause to think about it. well done.