Movere Institute: Drawing, 4

Childhood obesity is a weight you carry for life.

Advertising Agency: 11|21, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Creative Director: Gustavo Bastos
Art Director: Fernando Maciel
Copywriter: Márcio Bittencourt
Illustrator: Fernando Maciel
Photographer: Washington Possato

September 2008


picopalqlea's picture
999 pencils

Ugly ads too...

skanger's picture
95 pencils

not very nice

Toro's picture
1046 pencils

Very weak idea. It's not shocking at all, doesn't make me think that obesity is a bad thing.

Crisp One's picture
Crisp One
2005 pencils makes all obese people look like bad drawwwers with only 8 crayons. Unless they ate the other 54 in the pack.

sneakyhands's picture
1857 pencils

crayons are just empty beeswax

themark's picture
59 pencils

Very flat and boring.

Zane's picture
110 pencils

The 9 millionth campaign with pictures of children's drawings. Boring

SeanMartin's picture

Is this series specifically targeted at boys? All four ads have their gender identies specified (Boys/men: no hair; girls/women: long yellow hair -- it's a consistent), but I dont see any figures of girls looking overweight.

Wordnerd's picture
6692 pencils

what the hell does this tell me apart from 'there are fat kids'??

Wyvie's picture
76 pencils

I agree with SeanMartin. Why are only the boys big? Surely if one parent is overweight, then it affects all kids, not just ones of the same gender.

Lol, and if the girl's skinny while the boy is not, perhaps she actually has anorexia? I'd say that's a much more important thing to address than the obese kid!

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