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August 2006



This work won a Cannes Bronze Lion this year. To stay true to the brand, the agency decided to sell the trophy on Ebay. They managed to get EUR 1.120,00 for it.

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Great idea. Even better that they sold it on E-bay!

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Fantastic. Great brand equity.

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i love that one of them is a laundromat... that's cute... and if only i could get my clothes washed on ebay...

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Smart. Just smart.

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MADE in the USA
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Excellent usage of landmarks for convincing ambient or print campaign. simple because of clear thinking.

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"This work won a Cannes Bronze Lion this year. To stay true to the brand, the agency decided to sell the trophy on Ebay. They managed to get EUR 1.120,00 for it."

f***king excellente!

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Wow. Brilliant insight.

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brilliant!!! Simple and strong!

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i loved the fact they auctioned the lion on ebay.

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maybe they're pissed cause they've missed gold :P

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arthur davies

Simply delightful campaign.
With the growth of the internet E-bay has single handedly managed to put allot of small niche companies out of business. what was your friendly high street camera shop has now closed down and become a mobile phone outlet. I simply love the E-bay logo with it's happy bright colors and wacky jumbled font usage. The brand quality almost reflects the quality of the product you are about the receive in the mail for who ever you purchased it from. Bring on the economic down turn I say. let's all swap are unwanted objects in a virtual game of poker.
That creative team must have been really proud to receive a "Cannes" award for advetising. With the word "Cannes" in the title it almost sounds like a proper film award that important, creative people sometimes win. It kind of makes up for the fact they work in advertising when really deep down they wish they were contributing something worth while to human exsistance.
Maybe if they held an advertising award ceremony in the same place as where the film one we may sound more interesting than we are.

this is an outstanding campaign, as as the advertising industry continues to create works of this quality I can rest assured that my position is as safe a a original moon landing tape.

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Judging from all your comments on this site you must really hate life! Am I the only one who is sick of reading such pessimistic crap? Yes maybe things are closing down because of the evolution of technology, but shit happens. Its survival of the fittest in business, if you can't keep up with trends then you don't deserve to stay in business! Nobody said it was easy, don't blame Ebay for coming up with a business idea that no one else has perfected.

I think its a good idea because it's a truthful message, unexpected use of medium and an original concept. That's three ticks in my book. If you can't appreciate that then you will always be unhappy, better get on Ebay and buy some prozac...

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Hmm, perhaps they went out of business for a reason other than ebay... hmmm... what are the odds...

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Doesn't anyone get fed up with this sort of pollution? I bet 10 Cannes lions on it that the stickers we see here were put on those windows for only 5 seconds: the time to take the picture. The target audience for this campaign is then all the award show juries and readers of advertising blogs. Anyone fro Belgium reading this blog? If so, did you see this campaign in real life or not? I'm curious.

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I like the concept, and I'm certain it works/would have worked.

On a related note. Sometimes scams are there to show clients that they could have achieved more, if they didn't initially agree to it.

And something tells me you don't have 10 Lions to spare.

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I'm from Belgium. And I'm happy to tell that the campaign was and still is there in real life.

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Which I can confirm! It was a permanent campaign, some traces are still there. This wasn't done 'just for the picture'.

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Good to hear!

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really? so its like an ambient media, so the agency needs to buy a store for the ad?

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Oh, then I must be blind. I live in Brussels, and I haven't seen this campaign ANYwhere. The only thing I know is that one of the 4 pictures is actually an empty window of a store that is still in business. I'm walking by it every day. Never noticed the ebay sign, and I'd wonder whether a shop that is still open would allow ebay to use their windows... I'll go to the shop on Monday with a printout of the picture, keep you posted.