January 2007

For the sake of the tiger, the deer must live.
For the sake of the deer, the grasslands must live.
For the sake of the grasslands, the rivers must live.
For the sake of the earth, the tiger must live.

Advertising Agency: JWT, Mumbai, India
Creative Director: Bruce matchett, Agnello Dias
Art director: Minal Phatak
Copywriter: Agnello Dias
Photographer: Deepak Jadhav

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jennywhx's picture
Activity Score 1142

I didn't get it, until i see twice on this ad.
the first 3 lines of the taglines feel good, but when i read the 4th line, i am like...uh...?
why? the circle complete with a bit loathly

instinctive traveller's picture
instinctive tra...
Activity Score 189

Ugh... the food chain feeling in the copy is somehow lost in the fourth line, do you think? You've left the connect rather vague. The terrain does remind me of a tigers back... but could the copy have been better? Rather vague. Rather vague.

Justin's picture
Activity Score 176

Why is this one illustrated and the rest photographic?

Cron187's picture
Activity Score 553

For the sake of good taste, this ad must die.
For the sake of other ads, this ad must die.
For the sake of good ideas, this ad must die.
For the sake of the earth, this ad must die.

juankhr's picture
Activity Score 136

hahahahahahahah true!

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Activity Score 66


Desi's picture
Activity Score 1052

Cron 187, I was going to write the same thing you wrote but when i scrolled down you already did it...ha ha...

pindaro's picture
Activity Score 524

come on!!
3 ads with the same copy?

juankhr's picture
Activity Score 136

agree 3 ads same text and diferent picture??? sorry but this is no campaign what so ever.

addyhoch10's picture
Activity Score 2592

seems this copy screams for spoofing... agree it ends quite abrupt with the fourth line.
to whom is it directed? i don't know if this ad would have any effect on people who eat pulverised tiger penises to increase their virility or on those who put tiger furs on their wall (right next to the deer's head).
as for the art direction it would be better if this one was a photo too or the other two were illustrations.
the scratches around the text don't make any sense, they even give me a rather threatening feeling about tigers. plus the tree one looks like a trashy hawaii postcard.
that said i like the idea behind it. at least a little bit ;)