Mount Saint Vincent University: Don't come here

Don’t come here.
We’ve got a good thing going.
If you come to MSVU, you’ll just mess it up for the rest of us. With among the best student to professor ratios in Canada, you may not be able to sleep through classes. But hey, by participating in class, I’ve actually learned a few things. Go figure.

Advertising Agency: Extreme Group, Halifax, Canada
Creative Director: Shawn King
Associate Creative Director: Anthony Taaffe
Art Director/Illustrator: James Rothenburg
Copywriter: Sue Love
Post Production: Darren Hubley
Published: October 2006


griffin7's picture
76 pencils

I like the idea and the copy. Would revisit fonts and layout. It's a good concept.

cheleng's picture
68 pencils of reversal...might work!

k-rocka's picture
428 pencils

Trying way too hard. Reverse psychology in ads is lame. Don't read this comment!

teenie's picture
1894 pencils

Reverse psychology + picking a point out of the brief isn't enough - it needs a bit of wow to it, too. Pretty forgettable stuff.

scarfinati's picture
837 pencils

i think the illustration style is arbitrary. It would help the concept to see a real kid talking to me instead of a pencil drawing...

and why is the clock photorgraphic. Dont mix styles unless its meaningful

addyhoch10's picture
2592 pencils

why are people still using "handwritten" fonts instead of just writing it by hand? for f***'s sake?

instead of making it look hip & young they made it look like it's supposed to look hip & young.

jennywhx's picture
1142 pencils

i would actually follow the instruction, don't go there.

seadawg's picture
7 pencils

If you're going to use a lame handwriting font, at least learn how to kern it.
(FYI: that's where you adjust the spacing between letters so they appear visually connected) :-)


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