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Regardless of what the rationale is, I have to go with 'stick up the arse'.

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i knw what theyre TRYING to say but this image says more "pole up your ass" than witch

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Neither. This is the way people teach their kids to ride the bicycle in the former communist countries. ;)

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Harry Potter just got new rides

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So this is a witch's broomstick? And then you have...Suzuki motorcycles school...

And what exactly does that suggest?

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Saeed Salem
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the stick prevents from flipping and falling on your head...

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Yes, it is the way to teach kids to ride the bicycle. Very popular. Actually we wondered if it's only eastern europe or international insight...

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Ahhhhhhh, than it makes sense for Poland. I guess a more international idea would be to show the extra 2 wheels on the side (tricycle) that you get on a kids bike.

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The extra 2 wheels, would be 'more international' and more obvious.

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old school.
i second that justpassingby.

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Michal Zak


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To an Indian it would look like a cop motor cycle as a lot of them carry a cane like this one (bot not really shoved up the arse of the bike).

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wow this is what you call a very bad taste

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i don't know what for a problem you guys have with it!!? for me, it's clear and i like it! it's like the carrying wheels for kids. it's not spectacular, but nice!

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you like it because you understand the idiom used here pal. simple as that. and there's nothing not to understand why others don't understand it. it's simply a local idiom.

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Good work guys!

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in fact this is how you teach flying orbituaries using the pole on the model aircraft ...very intelligent to see it on the mototrbike

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

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Would've worked better with training wheels.

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Guest No 1.346....

stick a fork in their asses and turn them over, they're done.

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If I have to read the comments to get the ad, it's a bad ad.

Bikers in Hogwarts-like setting would be a better idea.

--good idea is enemy of great idea

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Scam Detector
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You don't get the ad because you aren't Polish. If they would impose this ad as a global ad then you are right.

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training wheels guys.. why complicate perceptions with a stick up the butt?

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Scam Detector
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Great work that perfectly suits the Polish market.

My only comment is that the photography is too clean. This is a perfect shot for a catalog but I would have liked a bit more mood for the ad.

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Ahaha... Idiotic

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Tero Ylitalo
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It's a motorcycle-lollipop!

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Like it. Dissarmingly simple. Go Poles! :)

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Regardless of what the rationale is, I have to go with 'stick up the arse'.