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Erm.. huh?

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umm... err... uhhh... nice photography.

what ad? where ad??
which ad??

Be awesome :)

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nice piece of art ;)
but the idea isn't very clever and doesn't work for me.

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If it doesn't communicate, its not good.
~~be cool eh!~~

~~this paranoid survived!~~

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C'mon guys...Panadol is the most common looks like the biker is in serious pain by now!

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If thats the idea its even worse, sorry

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What Honda says? Interesting...

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Will the panadol fix the pain of the bike too?

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Ad Junkie At Large
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why is there a musical instroment in everyone ad in this campaign but this one. I think is a really poor ad, however i always wanted to drop a motor bike from a great distence, so...props for that

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panadol is headache medicine. a motorbike creates headaches. it works .. just not that well

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Works for whom? even you can just assume you get the idea right. its totally unclear. and if you don't know the product its even impossible

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Si esa es la idea...tal vez la foto no tendría que ser una foto de estudio. O la moto se le cayó al fotógrafo mientras hacía un aviso de Honda y él tiene que tomar panadol?

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Think there are better ways to show headache concepts, maybe they are more effective with TV.
Forced ideas and would be surprised if they actually sell any product.

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I believe the photography came first in this case. There's nothing in these that would make me believe a client like GSK would ever get behind in terms of producing it.

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Most people like bikes, music, and wearing clean clothes

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I guess the drivers pain is over by the look of the bike

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If only the bike can take that pill.

Or may be I should take it after trying to understand this ad... hey, then that means the ad works!

--good idea is enemy of great idea

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reminds me of a scene from the movie "SAW III". Instead of a wrecked bike, it is a wrecked bicycle. Similar lightings too except this one does not come with a "mini-me SAW doll" from the same scene.