Motor Master: Dog

What is on your floor is not always on your mind.

Advertising Agency: Grey, Mexico
Chief Creative Officer: José Aguilar
Executive Creative Directors: Víctor Figueroa, Luis Guillén
Creative Directors: Alejandro Cisneros Ibarra, Bernardo Rodirguez Pons
Copywriters: Víctor Figueroa, Bernardo Rodriguez, Luis Guillén
Art Directors: Víctor Figueroa, Alejandro Cisneros Ibarra, Julio Cerón
Photographer: Jordan Rodriguez
Illustrators: Leonardo Kambayashi, Marlon Moreno
Account Supervisor: Mauricio Vazquez
Advertiser's Supervisor: Ivan Babic
Account Manager: Ileana Rojas
Planner: Alejandra Ledesma

July 2013


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If there's one thing I like about print ads it's when they shove a dog's penis into my face.

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noo not working

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Outrageously Vulgar and copy looks forced.

Darpan Rane
Sr. Art Director & PM

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