Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Edmonton & Area: Stick Family Wheelchair

Impaired driving tears families apart.

In Canada, stick figure decals representing family members are placed on the rear window of a vehicle as a symbol of that vehicle’s precious cargo.

Advertising Agency: FREE, Edmonton, Canada
Creative Director: Krystin Royan
Art Director: Valery Goulet
Copywriter: Jon Manning
Designers: Michael Wichuk, Andrew Benson, Vince Fournier
Photographer: Bluefish Studios
Published: November 2011


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why doodles?

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The TV spot is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better than the print ads.

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I'm a bit lost. The doodling seems irrelevant... unclear message... confusing placement...


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These stickers have become a phenomenon in North America and are available at most stores much like charity bracelets. The idea is that there are different genders, sizes, activities the characters are doing etc that you piece together to form the members of your family. They are mostly seen on soccer mom cars.

Anyway, these ads are print ads not ambient (no the stickers are not placed on random peoples cars), and just reference the doodles that commonly represent families in North America.

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mitali prasad
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what doodling...guys??

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I can't comment on these as I've never seen these decals and therefore I'm not the audience.

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