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Cash White
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The line totally takes away from the ad.

the_ashlands's picture
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i agree..the copy is awkward, probably could have left it out completely. but this concept is absolutely brilliant if you ask me! so powerful..great use of the glass from the frame to re-inact a car accident scene.

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Modal Writer
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why shorten graduation? otherwise it's fresh, never seen that before and it's great.

the_ashlands's picture
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i think the 'grad' is in reference to a graduate rather than the graduation, not sure tho that was just my take on it. perhaps they wanted to involve a certain degree of ambiguity??

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PaulyG_fill in ...
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I agree. This is superb work. VEry effective. The line isn't even necessary. THe picture with MADD in the bottome says it all.

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excelent idea and execution

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I am so very jealous that this idea is now taken. I know I would have found it heh... awesome work. jealous.

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the picture frame representing a car crash has been done a thousand times before... i'm quite surprised no one has realised that so far...
it's quite embarrassing actually, how NO ONE has said ANYTHING so far!!!
tsk tsk tsk...

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can we get a link to some of them...?

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Yes i checked the links
but i think art diection here is stronger even if the idea is not ginuene

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PaulyG_fill in ...
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I agree. The idea may not be the first of its kind, but this execution far outweighs the others. They took an exisiting idea and really brought it to the next level.

the_ashlands's picture
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me too.

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thats quite unfortunate. i feel like a lover spurned.

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PaulyG_fill in ...
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well, not so original afterall.

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RE: jebus's post
FROM: The team who created the MADD ad

A little background on the second set of ads that jebus linked to in his post… They were created by MacLaren McCann Calgary – AND THEY NEVER RAN. Apparently they were created for a pitch, but no one outside of MacLaren and their client had ever seen them before our ad was published. However, when we first posted our MADD ad on ihaveanidea.org, a minion at MacLaren pulled out their ads and claimed we plagiarized – which made for a juicy bit of blogging, but was COMPLETELY UNTRUE.

Eventually the CD at MacLaren realized the error in his underling’s accusation and wrote us a personal note retracting the accusation of plagiarism and formally apologizing. Even though our name had been dragged through the mud, we decided to take the high road and not mention MacLaren’s backpedaling on the ihaveanidea forum.

With regards to the first ad… Although we never saw it prior to creating our ad for MADD, at least it appears to be a legitimate ad. Well shit, what can we say? It’s unfortunate that a vaguely similar idea was published before ours, but we’d like to think that we elevated the concept to a whole new level and executed it a hell of a lot better than any of the other ads shown.

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your ad looks 100 times better.
but i gotto say with theirs - thats some pretty heavy retouching for ads that were only used in a pitch.

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maybe they made up actual photoframes and smashed them...

RahoolTalukdar's picture
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The 1...

Strict no no for BILLBOARDS.........
Cuz the non drunk drivers would smash up...........

Thinking what to think

HV's picture
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Sure this is a better execution than the prevoius ones.

Still done before, but if you are looking for an award some where might get it anyway, hence the "next level" and the execution.

But why didn't you place the logo in the top right corner. You have perperly tried it, but I think it would balance better like that and be more readble.

Good luck.

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very very good work.......

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