Mothers Against Drunk Driving: Breaking

When you drink, the law isn't the only thing you're breaking. See how teen drinking harms brain development at

Advertising Agency: Esparza Advertising, Albuquerque, USA
Creative Director: Adam Greenhood
Art Director: Jesse Arneson
Copywriter: Jeremy Spencer
Photographers: David Lindsey Wade, Lyndon Wade
Other additional credits: realfake
Published: 2009


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i dont really know what do they want? they produce the liquor in different tastes and flavors, different brands and ways, different percentages of alcohol and nice designs.. etc, promote it for law prices in the markets, bars and whatever.. then they dont want the young to drink? maybe the shot here is nicely done, but i think they should impose more firm laws on the drinkers rather than facing the deadly results of irresponsible drinking. and the ad is nice and i think it shows consequences strongly...

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Reality Check
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Visually arresting.

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It may be visually arresting, but we have to take note that these ads are supposed to be targeted towards teens. If teens see this ad, it will have no effect on most of them, besides, maybe, stimulating their creativity or worse, their wild side. The copy is too small as well. I think advertising nowadays is losing sight on what is important and too much is focused on being stylish, original/special and creative. All these are useless if you do not achieve the desired effect...

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hmmm great sir!

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I don't think they would think is cool to harm themselves. I think it is straight to th e point.

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when you drink


when you drink & drive


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cheesy. teens already know it.
execution is great though.

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your choice of fonts hurts my head.

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