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linqianli you are mistaken. this is an experimental adist from brazil whos skill is extraordinary in ways he uses the color blue. i am not sure if you are familiar with this particular color. let me educate you. you see in the old days of telebenearially® the color blue was to signify the status of high education such as mine. yes i am aducated. it is true. ask my frat brothers at the ivy league school i attended, which by the way is blue. do you wonder why it is blue? do you linqiali? do you? really... now that you are schooled in the way of the telebenearially® even a being likeur self can begin to apreciate such premium luxuries as i and my cpligues. well not really.

as they in brazil : demegetolani gida de bolore!" ha ha ha ha

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Now let me educate you for a second. Educated is spelled with an "e"

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This is arthur right?

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Disco Munky
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You're a tool.

If ads are just for the "aducated" you should switch off your mac and go home.

If someone doesn't get it, then you just leave them to their opinion. Not everyone is as "aducated" as you.

Frat brothers?! You're kidding right? You don't boast about such things. You save them for your group session. (with a counsellor, not the other 'cluster' type of group, jeez)

Doin' it for the points

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Not sure about these, not so typically Jewish. And even if it was, using two mother jokes isnt funny anymore. Funny shmunny Ayyya yyaaaa yaaaa

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Mmmmmh. Was it something I missed? I just don't get these.

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what does two mothers have to do with Jewish movies?

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I think it is a humorous twist on the original Hollywood movie MIB.

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I know the MIB movies, but I just don't get what's up with the mothers.

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There is a stereotype about Jews and their mothers. Over protective, interfering in your business....etc.
As far as im concerned thats all mothers, especially with Italians and Arabs.

It just aint funny

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The idea was there so 70% of the work was done. With the vibe of hollywood in comparison to that of Jews this could of been pushed much further by tweaking the scenarios alot more. Good idea not 100% realised.

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Don't get it....

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Disco Munky
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Ooooh I get. Jewish people have mother as well as non-jewish people. It's all so clear.........

Doin' it for the points

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wait, stop the world.
jewish people have mother as well as non-jewish???
no way.
jewish mothers are like italian mothers: possessive!!
this is a great work

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