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geat copy, very nice concept

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ideas stolen off the internet are awesome

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great idea and art...

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Lame. She's not even eating soup.

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Am I really the first to notice the glaring typo?

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see what u mean!

hilarius! atrocius! so obvius!

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Jesus, people -- it's a translation done for this site from an agency for whom PORTUGESE is the primary language, not English. If you want to bitch and whine about spelling, maybe we should be editing the comments here for excessive use of "text speak".

To the ad itself: the idea is a nice one, but it's not fully realized in execution: the proportions are off, and, more importantly, does anyone see a bowl of soup in front of this woman? Other comfort food, sure, but where's the product she's thinking about?


No, I am not a media buyer.

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uhm... no. they submitted it for awards, they asked to be judged.

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Certainly. And we can point fingers and laugh at an ad that was submitted here and has a glaring translation error. That's a lot of fun for us Creatives. It's great when we can disregard the actual context, execution and audience for an ad. That's partly the fault of the site not putting things into context but moreso that commenters here routinely disregard those exigent circumstances. I just hope that they don't do so when working with their clients.

I'm not overwhelmed by this but the criticisms are largely out of place.

- The only thing rarer than a good ad is a good guest comment -

- The only thing more rare than a good ad is a good guest comment -

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I'm alllll about editing 4 txt speek. Institute some guidelines, SM, and I will be sure to follow.
Obviously I understand the ad's been translated into English from Portugese. What I can't understand, though, is if the agency went through the trouble of translating it in the first place, why couldn't they at least get the spelling of "delicious" right? Advertising is a COMMUNICATIONS industry, after all...

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The woman is nicely cast but she looks uncomfortable, she doesn't look like she is having nice memories.

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Very bad ad. Bad photo. Everything is bad.

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I wanted to like this. It's a really interesting visual. But the copy just isn't working for me.

Maybe it would have worked better if all of the plates showed her eating soup and the headline were removed. Just a thought.

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UM! that means, she dosent have any memories


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