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Bundy Agency
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idea is great but the art doesnt seem finished, either put it all on the old background or make the transition between baby poo brown and white a little easier on my eyes.

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good idea!

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>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Tha fast Polo's will squash the little buggers bringing them to extinction.

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me thinks
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Oh..please...You don't buy polo to kill bugs.

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Of course not. You buy a Polo because it's a fun brand.

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Doesn't work at all.

The mossie is not linked to the polo.

Talk about Borrowed interest.

This is a big cop out for a great brief.

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Another People
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Small cc car with powerful engine!

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Having bug problems? Buy a Polo GTI.

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Done thousands of time before in many meny smarter ways. Vote: 4/10.

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I get it at first but still seems a bit far streched...

"Sex sells. Truth even better." - A friend

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I think, the idea is not too bad but the execution doesn't do it for me.

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th idea is hanging somewhere in th dark, without a connection with the product b'coz of th weak art direction. i don't knw tht why i recall a Cann winner(not sure) Hotwheel ad which showd a screen of a car from inside with a dead insect stuck on it.

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Corona Raymaker
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Am I missing something or is the total idea of this, that the car, that is faster because it's GTI, kills flying insects?
If so: *sigh* how lame.

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seriously I dun like the art direction

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como el pico!!, its a shit, i dont understand why ivan put this ads and dont put anothers, sorry, im crazy? i see ads from Volkswagen Chile much better than this shit and dont seeit in this page, hellooooooo!!!!


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think its too far fetched

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There was an ad by Porsche that had the line: "Kills bugs fast" or something like that.

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Was thinking just that, with a much sexier picture of the Porsche. Anyway, you hardly ever find mossies on windscreens.

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WHAT? Hunh? Every car kills bugs, so that doesn't work. This leads the reader to believe the Polo kills _just_ mosquitos. Even showing different bug species wouldn't help, as the premise is still flawed. Badly. If they are trying to show that the GTI Polo is FAST, then have it kill a bug we know to be REALLY fast. Does the general public know of any? No? Then again this campaign is flawed. This ad (doesn't) work for any car.

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Thank you. I feel better about feeling stoopyd before.
Talk about a tenuous (generic, at best) link.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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GTis are endangered species, rare. This Polo GTi is NEW............................. endangered species. ???

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