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Nice idea, great art.

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Global Cheese
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This is pooh!
Nice Art Direction though.

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Another nice one from Y&R Paris.

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Great, really cool stuff.
I'm waiting for the people that are going to say that this is mocking Christianity.

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Modal Writer
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This is mocking Christianity!

It's about time.

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drunk dave
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And I bet nobody complains... which is great.

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Modal Writer
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Uh oh, is this another religious debate? Where's Kamala?

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drunk dave
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Dead I hope. Or maybe his servant wife is skulking in the kitchen while he beats off dreaming of virgins in nirvana. I think the ads okay, nice little show and tell through a different medium (Moses).

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Mtl Dave
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I like the idea a lot.

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One could say this is mocking Judaism as Moses was an Israelite. I find your comments about Christianity more offesive than this ad.

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Cool one off?

Fail Harder.

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It really touched both the bottom of the sea and the one of our heart!

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Oookay...NICE! I wonder how they're going to do next one. It looks like a dead-end idea.

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not to be some stick in the mud ... BUT ... cars under the sea? 3 thousand years ago? a little far fetched, don't you think?

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Not three thousand years ago. It's 2006. That's the whole joke/idea.
Called anachronism. So let it be written, so let it be done!

There should be a mountain of Clay Aiken or Britney Spears CDs down there too, if you ask me...

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If it's 2006, what the hell are Troy Aiken CDs doing there? Get it straight dude. It's either 3 thousand years ago, the late 80s, or present day - can't be all three.

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old one-off idea.

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