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Why just pick on Orlando/Disney World?

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Unless they turned it into a themepark, that's the Kremlin.

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Yes, but they are referencing Disneyland in Orlando. The image is the red square - correct.

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Now that's clear I have to say that the retouching is horrendous.

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Good idea. Poorly executed

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if no one here mentioned about Disney World, i don't think most people (or outside Brazil) will get it.

so the brief was to convince Brazillians to travel to different continents rather than end up at Disney World?

i like the art direction but not the execution.

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i think the idea is to view places from another "reference point", like after visiting orlando everywhere you go just looks xxx Kmts from orlando, because the trip to orlando was great, and i strongly believe they pick orlando because they sell trips to that place.
anyways, not a good ad imho.

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Encuentro bastante rescatable esta idea. Cuando uno elige una idea, hay otra que es absolutamente opuesta, es bastante logico, si, pero aqui se plazma de una manera diferente y acompañada de un excelente arte. Esta Orlando, pero tambien hay opciones absolutamente opuestas como Moscu, Vietnam, etc. Quizas suene raro, pero es una agencia de viaje, no ofrecen un punto determinado que es mas facil vender, sino que venden alternativas de viaje. Me gusta.


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I like the change your reference point way of thinking, highlighting the open minded feeling you get from a break away as the benefit of the holiday for a change instead of the relaxing, let your hair down one they normally choose, but I don''t think this though is executed that well.


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Just saw your comment here - I agree completely. The tagline is magnificent - the rest pales in comparison.

However, isn't it a little ironic that every execution mentions Disney while trying to plug "change your reference point"? Maybe they should have changed their reference point once in a while...

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It is not that complicated. There are other places to go instead of hard it is to get it??? Obviosly they were carreful enought not to use the name Disney World..because thats copywright protected..maybe the tagline needs some work, but I like the over all efect.

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Disco Munky
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This is like getting kicked in the nuts, for your eyes.



........Henry. Jones. Junior!........I like Indiana....... We named the dog Indiana

Doin' it for the points

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Leo Macias
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Un exelente candidato a leon este año.

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Looks familiar, anyone remember DDB London's campaign for American Airlines? The One Show?

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Now I love this series of ads and I think it is well photographed and properly uses a low amount of graphics to make the point. I like that direction. Bravo.