stereodeluxe's picture
161 pencils

fkn awseome! one of the coolest recently!!!!!

Guest's picture

are you a student?
this is not thought-out, first grade student humor...

curly's picture
68 pencils

There have been several brain-bleeding ads uploaded on this site, but I think this has beaten them all. But what beats the sickness-generating prowess of this ad is the first comment.
I was born catholic but am not a practising catholic, yet my sentiments have been hurt for using a visual associated with Jesus.
Also any sane ad professional would out-rightly reject the idea of making any references to any ones religion in their ad.
In conclusion the office of this agency should be burnt down with its creative department in it.

ivan's picture

Not a very Christian solution to the problem.

Why is it that people are allowed to make fun of punks, fatties, republicans, gays etc. But not Christians? Why is religion special?

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

tatsie's picture

There was no Jesus. There is no god.. Seriously man, get over it.

Religion is so embarrassing. I can't believe it's 2007 and people still believe this deluded, pathetic crap.

Why be hurt? Blasphemy is a victim-less crime..

I can't wait till I can take the piss out of this bullshit in an ad too..

It's time to stand up fellow atheists and speak our minds.

Deluded theists are ruining (literally) the world.

ivan's picture

Jesus is a historic figure. Whether he was son of God or not that's a different question. Even if there is no God it still hurts for religious people to dispute him, because they believe in him/her. We don't need to offend them for their beliefs. I'm an atheist myself. I do agree we need to speak our minds, but we need to be understanding.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

mara's picture
64 pencils

Replace with roaches and you get a baygone ad.
Read "Mere Christianity" by C.S.Lewis. Bro.
Atheist does not = anarchy or insensitivity...

microphine's picture
33 pencils

funny, but its just that the last supper isn't about jesus and the apostols who died, it's about the last supper for jesus only. so that would mean that mortein only kills the mesia of the rats.

the rest can roam around freely preaching his learnings :)

Filipe's picture
315 pencils

Yep, for jesus only.
So, it doesn't work (for me).

thirty6chambers's picture
1464 pencils

Yea, you hit the nail on the head. I can't understand how this makes any sense to the ones praising the ad.

belqin's picture
29 pencils

Effective idea and superr ;)

muellerritzrow's picture
26 pencils

realy great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

everartz's picture
7611 pencils

i gave a comment about the condoms ads that i loved the illustration.. i pull it back! this IS the awsome illustration ..WOW!!!!!!!!

| Everartz |

Stigset's picture
1456 pencils

This is going to please the vatican...
Nice illustration, but I agree with microphine's comment. This doesn't work, because you get the feeling that only one rat will die, which is contradictory to the copy (unless it's only a play on the tittle of the painting, which makes it less strong).
Not a 100% convienced by this one ...

Davosk's picture
4815 pencils

Wasn't there only one real rat at the last supper, Judas, or am I wrong on that?
Brilliant illustration.

Chough's picture
147 pencils

Doesn't work, for the reasons listed above. Also DEEPLY offensive, could you imagine portraying the prophet Mohammed as a Rat… just wouldn't happen. Why one rule for Christianity and one for other religions? Illustration's nice.

Boas ideas's picture
Boas ideas
256 pencils

Polemico! En latinoamerica podria ofender a alguien. La idea me gusta!

brain123's picture
830 pencils

A muchos diría yo. A mi no particularmente... me gusta tambien.

stereodeluxe's picture
161 pencils

hat to be a smartass but: i dont think that the concept is wrong. i guess all of the apostles had some of the food right? just in this case the food is poisoned, so theyre all gonna die. just look how nicely the food is arranged in a "rattly" manner.

Filipe's picture
315 pencils

Ok, all of them have some food.
BUT, as Stigset said,
we "get the feeling that only one rat will die".
And referring to this scene, we're right.

RW's picture

Deeply offensive. Why offend Jesus when there are so many other guys deserving offence?:-)

Guest No 1.346.971.005.321.375's picture
Guest No 1.346....

because we're sick of ben laden and bush ads.

Guest's picture

How can you offend someone who doesn't exist?

Childish.. Childish..

I'm so embarrassed by adults with imaginary friends..

Toni's picture
106 pencils

I agree.

Guest's picture

nothing special....

Asif Ahmed's picture
Asif Ahmed

Chough is right... Im a muslim and my blood boiled to see those danish cartoons. Similarly, I hate this one that makes mockery of someone (Jesus) revered by millions. But there's a diference. most Christains seem to not mind such things (which I think is very sad) but we muslims cannot bear a word of frivolous humiliation for the prophet. Freedom of expression doesn't mean u say anything to anyone.

Rajib's picture
369 pencils

Superb, Very Nice

gienel's picture
339 pencils

CLIO and Cannes LION GOLD......

thirty6chambers's picture
1464 pencils

I seriously hope you're being sarcastic.

bbllaaatt's picture

it's a bold approach but does not work as the Last Supper, as was mentioned above, was the last supper for Jesus and Jesus was NOT the rat but JUDAS was the rat...so either you don't know the story and assumed or you really didn't think through this...and it is offensive to even suggest that Jesus could be a rat...sure everyone is entitled to opinion but this is tasteless...and for those who really appreciate this I'm sure you won't be really pleased if you saw any of your gods or prophets (Buddha, Ram, Krishna, Muhammad, Guru Nanak etc) depicted like that...

samarthhaveri's picture
47 pencils

Very much Done.....! not good idea but Definately Good Execution

Great Judas Ghost's picture
Great Judas Ghost

The idea's muddled. The only rat there was Judas. So I looked for 15 minutes trying to find the one dead rat, maybe the others were mice. Nope, wasted 15 minutes. I feel unfulfilled, but I should be used to that, I am in advertising.

Guest's picture

As already mentioned, this is deeply offensive and doesn't work. Christ was the one who died. And yet everyone in this is a rat, applying that they were all killed by the meal. And this ran in Chile? A deeply Catholic country? Dumb client if they approved this. You want everyone to buy your rat killer, not just those who can chuckle at something most of your audience will consider sacrilege. Irresponsible.

Chi Ka No's picture
Chi Ka No

Está Padrísimo wei, que mueran todos menos la virgen de guadalupe!!!!
arriba Mexico

AC22's picture

Ohhh my god!!!

bad... very bad.

stereodeluxe's picture
161 pencils

nonetheless this ones a winner. u´ll see

Guest's picture

we'll see? bet not.
this is ill-conceived crap.
and what's so "wow" bout the art direction anyway?

Guest's picture

I reckon you're probably right....it'll pick up somewhere. To all the haters, yes, technically it means only one of those rats is going to die, but fuck it's funny.

flo.j's picture

Thing is, The Last Supper is, like Mona Lisa, a very common and re-engeneered material now. The only way to bring something new is to offer a fresh point of view on the contents and symbols of the painting. It seems to me that Marithe&Girbaud's ad did that (a female persona took the place of "Christ", there was a transcription of values, such as "love" for instance) ; also Leibovizt's work in 1999 on Sopranos (very witty because it seemed to ask "will Tony die eventually ?"). But there is no refreshing here. Yet the idea of some last supper of the rats is a good one, maybe the allusion to the painting should be more remote, a direct/obvious and immediate comparison or parallelism does not work because the painting does not contain values and narrative materiel related to those of the product ans message to convey. A very allusive image would maybe be more effective and witty, with relevance effect.

racqcurious's picture
38 pencils

The ad makes sense in a way in that the rats are having there last super after which they'ld die right? but I guess the conceptualiser is very lucky that it doesn't have to do with the Islamic religion em sure that they would have declaimed jihad and I guess you know what that means, as much as we'ld like to be creative we should be careful not to fish in trouble waters.

panasit's picture
687 pencils

this is a very bad ad in a sense of meaning and communicating the key concept.
I don't see how last supper relating to kill all the rat. And even if something like that were explained... ad like this shouldn't have to be explained.

People here are arguing what this ad was trying to communicate. Is it the rat's last meal (last supper is the last meal only for Jesus), is it an allusion that all the people in the painting are dead? I don't think the creator of this ad think that much. So I will just call it a bad concept ad and end it there.

However, as far as attention grabbing, this ad win in that department (and to be fair, that's the most important element of any ad). It helps that the illustration is ridiculously awesome.

--good idea is enemy of great idea

G-sus's picture

Burn in hell Adolfo Lira!!!

Ramirez's picture

But guat güil japen if the joly virllin of nuestra señora sis dis ad?? we are so very mucho relgioso in dis part of de wuorld...

Guest's picture

i like your accent. so sexy.
sexy like a rat.

thirty6chambers's picture
1464 pencils

This ad makes NO sense. The story of the last supper is focused on one rat which results in one death. Sure everyone dies sooner or later but that is irrelevant. For all of you that are screaming praises, tell me, how the hell does this make ANY sense? Pathetic thinking involved.

mitsu's picture
10 pencils

I agree that this is a bad ad, in a way that it abuses the ethical advertising standard (http://www.icharter.org/standards/eas405/) in terms of social responsibility.

I personally think that this ad would not cause so many arguments if the rats weren't depicted as a human (by undressing them) . They could just settled as a group of rats who are having their last supper, and maybe they could be arranged to look like Davinci's The Last Supper in a ratty way. So the audience would get the idea of last supper, without bluntly insulting 2.1 billion people in the world's belief.

that's my constructive opinion, though.

pasmar's picture

It's very insulting ad. I would rather not even comment on it. Creativity should have a limit sometimes. Comparing jesus to a rat is unacceptable.

tatsie's picture

Jesus didn't exist.. He's made up.. So who gives a fuck?

Again, I'm embarrassed by adults with imaginary friends..


mabru's picture

y porque le dan tanto color canutos culiaos!! jaajaj

esta la raja la grafica! y la idea. eso es , nada mas!

pudranse colisones eclesiasticos!

pneuburg's picture
251 pencils

In very poor taste.


mamá de Rodrigo Bravo's picture
mamá de Rodrigo...

igual está chori y polémico, pero los réclames que hace rodrigo bravo son los mejores, vieron el de directv?, está super!!

Bala Harusaheim's picture
Bala Harusaheim

what's next!! mohamed?? this could mean world war III!! think about the children!!

Mum ali's picture
Mum ali

next we'll see mohamed dancing mambo while kissing mister bush in american butt hole?? please stop the madness!!

yungi's picture

the rats eat the product and disappear, for that reason it is the last supper.

Great Job!

No more Mr. Nice Guy's picture
No more Mr. Nice Guy

the ad sucks, salamanca rules!!!

CC3's picture


The illustration is great the idea is terrible. So if we are mearly making the connection of last supper and killing rats, why not a prisoner recieveing his last meal. Or a entire death row of rats recieving last meals? Would make a hell of a lot more sense.

This is just completley disconnected. Forgettable at best.

Boony wants a beer's picture
Boony wants a beer
380 pencils

Bloody hell. Talk about polarising the audience. Personally, I found it funny, but then I'm not religious.

A lot of people obviously love this ad, because after 67 votes it's still rated at over 8, which I'm assuming means it got quite a few 10s to counter the 1s and 2s all you people who despise it so much must have dished out. Or maybe you just didn't vote.

hang-the-dj's picture
1262 pencils

Hi Boony,

Yeah, an amazing amount of vitriol and high-fiving going on here. The first thing I thought was, shouldn't they be eating the poison? If that's what it is.

Sure it's pretty flawed, but I admire the audacity.

Anything with a religious bent is gonna get kicked here though, anyone foolish enough to be blindly devoted to a mythical figure is bound to get upset when you mess with their idol. (That should get 'em fired up?)

Boony wants a beer's picture
Boony wants a beer
380 pencils

Something I just realised which no one seems to have pointed out yet is that Jesus came back to life after the last supper and crucifixion, which I guess in theory means "rat jesus" will too...

I still reckon its funny though.

hang-the-dj's picture
1262 pencils

That's a great point. So it only kills the rats for 3 days? Crap product.

But then I suppose they come back to life and rule the rat world for years after they die (the second time) making a whole bunch of repressed frock-wearing man-rats very, very rich.

Guest's picture

Whether it's good or not, you christians need to lighten up and not take yourselves so seriously.

Pulento Star's picture
Pulento Star

Chiaaa Logo esa publicidá está pulenta!!


Dude, that´s a cool ad

Guest's picture

Polarising the audience? polarise my balls!!!!!!!!!!!

see ya suckers

adolfo lira's picture
adolfo lira

I like hell sucker!!

timmy's picture

Everyday I wake up I say, Today will be a great day, Today I will create the best ad of the world, so I go to work and think and think and think and develope an idea, so I show it to my creative director and he shows me this ad, and I cry, because im nothing.
good work guys, maybe tomorrow I´ll be like you

you are awesome


Da' Pope's picture
Da' Pope

I totally forbid the use of this product in the vatican from now till jesus returns madafakas!

Da' Pope's picture
Da' Pope

I totally forbid the use of this product in the vatican from now till jesus returns madafakas!

The Pope
Church CEO

Jesus H Christ's picture
Jesus H Christ

im the freaking son of god and i dont give a shit ! this a great ad wich count with all my blessing. The guy that really break my balls is this Da vinci i hate his damn paintings...by the way i also hate rats, my dad didnt create it. It was satan

Great job Euro RSCG Santiago

Guest's picture

All ethical/religious issues aside...this idea is a complete rip off. Some student from Singapore did the exact same thing back in May but with cockroaches. Check it out: (http://www.ihaveanidea.org/academia/details.php?image_id=297) And I don't know what you guys are talking about with the illustration. It's awful; the rats' heads, among other things, have clearly been (badly) Photoshopped. On a happier note, did anyone notice the suburban neighborhood in the background...thought that was a nice touch!

Guest's picture

sorry to hear timmy's story.
U r sucks. ur boss's stupid for hiring stupid people like u

nxt time, better wish u hd better life

nazz's picture

totally sick and offensive.....very bad concept....the guys ran out of ideas.....Sick art director and sicker creative director.

second_creator's picture
754 pencils

y offensive???

Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell and advertise


ajaimenon's picture

good excu, Very Nice

ziyad_pa's picture
105 pencils

extremely bad editing

hadrianapolis's picture
733 pencils

Insufficient idea, nice art direction

Fahed Abdullah's picture
Fahed Abdullah

this is unacceptable, impolite. no respect to religion and freedom.
only losted and weak people can create such silly and stupid work.

Guest1's picture

This is both brilliant and dangerous.

Brilliant because its probably meant as web-viral ad. And it has so much attention-effect!
Anyone with the right sense of humor will probably love this because they imagine the frustrations of the deeply religius. It hits vary close to a taboo.
They compagny will of cause get a lot of free PR while they denie and reject the ad. So they will come out stronger because 1. the ad-fan will buy because they love it and 2. the ad-hater will buy when the appology / denial has been released.

Brilliant because I think the illustration is vary nicely done.

Dangerous because u never know what deeply religius/emotional people are willing to do. No examples needed her I think.

(sorry for the bad spelling - as u guessed my first language isn't english)
Guest1 - DK resident

Corbeen's picture
1095 pencils

yo , tell me a company that will pay for such production on such concept, I would love to work with them. This is a typical ghost ad. Nothing else, doe sent matter its new or old as an idea. Its a ghost ad and there are few people who will by this poison after seeing the picture. Its typical wish for award without paying attention to the effectiveness of the campaign. Wanna be price hunter .. Very sad way, its an ad for an ad land not for a real world

Corbeen´s Mother's picture
Corbeen´s Mother

Yo Corbeen, why don´t you [edited by admin for foul language]!!
get a life

Guest's picture


Haha, you're funny.

Corbeen's picture
1095 pencils

"Its not my native language . Looser?" Maybe .. but I’m trying to be understood some how.. And you Little prick think it over , little deeper . Does my English matters or the things that I wanted to say .

the scourge of baby jesus's picture
the scourge of ...

Baby Jesus just appeared on the screen of my BRAND NEW iMAC and told me to boycott famous products from chile, such as... erm... uh... errrrrr... well, he also told me to burn chilean flags and to kill the unbelievers wherever I find them and bla bla and so on. He also told me to kill some of my combatants in blind goofiness while demonstrating like a horde of chimps against the unbelievers.
Then, his highness asked me to change his pampers.
So watch out, Euro RSCG, the christianists are coming!

Guest's picture

de la direccion de arte nada que decir, esta soberbia... pero comparar a jesus con una rata..... viejo estoy casi seguro que es un trucho por que esto en chile no te lo habrian dejado publicar ni cagando.

particularmente hablando lo encuentro altamente ofensivo.

Rog's picture
6092 pencils

Love it. Beautifully simple premise.
Polarises people, like all cut through thinking.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

ratita a mucha honra's picture
ratita a mucha honra

Que se sorprenden tanto ,si la historia lo dice todos los discípulos fueron unas ratas y Jesus pago por todos, como una rata màs.
Esto no cambia mi visión de mi creencia y es solo un afiche cruel de nuestra realidad.

cortescreativo's picture
118 pencils

Pienso que el aviso realmente tiene un problema en la parte de copy en el momento que dice "mata todas las ratas" eso causa la mitad de los comentarios que se postean en este momento, pero siento que puede ser un aviso muy dañino para la marca... no se ustedes que piensen.

(miguelandréscortés / Art Director / Leo Burnett Colombiana)

(miguelandréscortés / Graphic Creative / Y&R)

troika02's picture
212 pencils

I truly hate this ad, 1 is because I'm a Christian and have been deeply offended by it and 2, I find it very inappropriate.

Kinda reminds me of the way the Nazis looked at the Jews last double u double u 2. They considered Jews as 'rats' that needed extermination. Coincidentaly, Jesus and His disciples were Jews. Hmm, any Nazi connection here?

Anyway,flag burning and threatening to kill someone ain't my thing, so I'll just bent my anger by saying: this ad sucks... and stinks... and it's completely unoriginal!!!

There, I finally got it out of system, I feel better now...

tatsie's picture


Jesus didn't exist.. how can you be offended by this?

It's a joke.. And Xtians should get over themselves and read a bloody book.. (not the bible, that's a load of nonsense)

Blasphemy is a victim-less crime.

It's embarrassing i'm afraid to say - that you believe this stuff..

I LOVE arguing with creationists.. want a debate?

cpdaniel's picture

Hey guys
Euro RSCG achieved what they wanted to. In the midst of all, just check how long the comments column has grown. Thats exactly what they want. Like Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code. Surely none of us comment on the lifestyle of hookers, those who make a living by selling their bodies (for whatever reason). If Euro RSCG has no other way of selling their agency, leave them alone. "Don't throw pearls to pigs, they're sure to get trampled".

Ivan, I'm a practicing christian, but I would not do an ad making Buddha or Allah or Krishna cheap. It's called SENSITIVITY. It's like making fun of vegetarianism. (I'm a Non V).Something very important in sustainable advertising. A product cannot live a long life with cheap advertising. Everyone loves controversy. So the ad could be accepted to a niche audience. But thats not the way you do advertising. Maturity is the issue. Mortein is not going to be bought by a bunch of 17 y punks who drive the "DADDY'S" car and run to "MOM" coz they din have dosh for laundry. Find out the actual target audience if they would buy this product.

Religious people.... Chill. Would you post similar condemning comments to ads primarily projecting SEX, the one that use a nude woman as the only way of selling a product?

Think over

cado figueiredo's picture
cado figueiredo


dishum's picture

and the rat will come out of death on the 3rd day

jeffthefish's picture

Well, I for one am honored to see to see the founder of my religion portrayed as one of God's most noble, intelligent, and kind creatures. No one's panties get twisted when C.S. Lewis portrays Jesus as a lion, so what's the big deal here? If you're offended just because they're rats, you're probably kind of dumb, and it's highly likely that your mind operates on feelings rather than logic. That's the only reason for finding rats inherently offensive.

Unfortunately, two of these are mice. Which are less intelligent.

Bob Smith's picture
Bob Smith

I'd like to see an ad with Pinochet killing 20,000 chileans using rat poison. That would be cool.

volatileclass's picture

Part of the ad is being overlooked here. Jesus is the only rat; the apostles are all mice. So the tagline makes sense, taken in the context of the painting. All matters of taste or blasphemy or good sense aside, the ad's logic is intact.

Guest's picture

i hate it..dis is retarded..

lonetta's picture
12 pencils

i think its so nice and simple...and we all know that the main idea and the very original paint is done by a normal humen being..so nothing special in the very first one..!!!!!!! just a paint for some one thatk no one knows how he looks like and we should not even try to drow or to paint a massenger from GOD becouse they are much better than our stupid paints...

flavourfish's picture
125 pencils

Nice work. Will get the attension.

super27's picture
3 pencils

Love it. Its Beautiful!!...


Sever's picture
41 pencils

sure, cpdaniel, all it wanted EURO was a bunch of comments.

as far as i know, comments doesnt look like CANNES LIONS.

Guest's picture

Stupid campaign.

Guest's picture

You'll burn in the hell for expose your brilliant ideas. Unnecessary Jesus representation to sell a stupid product. A campaign made to idiots in the Cannes see and say: Oh, its cool idea, see, he did Jesus like a rat, this is Great!

God have mercy of you.

Stupid campaign (2)

Don Deteguta's picture
Don Deteguta
5 pencils

I wonder if the painting in itself isn't an unnecessary Jesus representation...thou shall not worship false idols i believe is how i goes...

Guest's picture

Well said :))

Jimmythebee's picture
2 pencils

Too bad...that the agency creatives didn't try some of the product.

Don Deteguta's picture
Don Deteguta
5 pencils

personally I like it, I dont get what all the crying is about, the Jesus used as an example in the Last supper painting doesn't even have the traits of a middle eastern man, Its a Germanic dude, so if u guys want to get offended by someone using an iconic reference of an artists work, in order to convey a message strictly related to the title of the artwork in question, and by no means using any reference to religion, or wait does it say in the bible thou shall pray to this painting , didn't think so, but hey, if u want to focus ur hate by all means. go right ahead, blow ur brains out...its not such a big deal that you need to go around condemning and wishing people to hell, maybe you should read a bit of that bible u supposedly praise so much and stop pouring ur hatred on a poor artists rendition of and ad...JESUS lol

RafaelFGE's picture
23 pencils

For all the christians in the world, this ad failed.

Jesus was rebirth, so He is still alive, so the product doesn`t work.

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