Morphy Richards Epilators: Girl from Rajasthan

Make the most of your legs with Morphy Richards Epilators, that gently remove your hair from the root leaving you with smooth and silky skin for long. Legs so beautiful that you just want to show them off.

Advertising Agency: Contract Advertising, Mumbai, India
Creative Directors: Juju Basu, Raj Nair
Art Directors: Juju Basu, Avinash Parab
Photographer: Amol Jadhav
Additional credits: Anil Kadam
Published: April 2011


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Roshan Quintus
669 pencils

perfect art direction. super photography.

bite me

Manoma's picture
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Well done !

"Just" Nine on this one, juste because the other one is better (in my opinion) in the attitude,
and in the disorder on the floor...

And... Re -Bravo ;-)

morse's picture
16609 pencils

I actually like this one a bit better. Perhaps because the dress is even more traditional.

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

Hahalexander's picture
140 pencils

why an indian woman, is it meant for indian women?

goranflr's picture
259 pencils

The agency is Indian, so, well, I guess the target is Indian women.

Now, I think it works in other markets too, basically because of the insight of the way of dressing. To make the idea clear you have to make a clear contrast, that's why women who wear traditionally long dresses are a good choice.
And to show an Indian woman doesn't mean that the target are Indian women. I think that women in general know, as well as we do, that Indian women wear these kind of dresses, so the idea works well for them anyways.

dthlb72's picture
545 pencils

Nice thought. Nicely executed.

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SoCH_TO's picture
959 pencils

Nice work !!

Live with Passion

purshotham's picture
455 pencils

Saree one is better than this....

ace85le's picture
3939 pencils

I actually prefer the other model. But still, great work guys!!!


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RadoubleJu's picture
152 pencils

well done. The expressions (in Both), the photography, the art-direction. good job !!

Make it simple..

tantrik_indian's picture
953 pencils

Nice art direction. And nice legs.

~~this paranoid survived!~~

creative buddha's picture
creative buddha
28 pencils

looks like ad for a scissor. so sharp it can cut even a ghaghra. just kidding...

liked ad so much i saved to my desktop. ;)

no, but seriously. hats off to the team. everything is there. attention grabbing visual. bold idea. relevant model. art direction. everything.

dj_darora's picture
15 pencils

Love the Idea
Excellent Execution...

sameer gupta's picture
sameer gupta
3 pencils

just superb !

Abhishek Parikh's picture
Abhishek Parikh
568 pencils

Great idea... excellent execution...

Akshaya Singh's picture
Akshaya Singh
162 pencils

Love it... I see that people have posted in with which one of the two they liked more but after spending time what seems like eons on both the ads I still can't pic a fav :) ... Both the ads are nice ...

Amateur for life!

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