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So tired of seeing one idea across 5 ads.

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Saw the same idea for a similar service. Don't remember the brand name. Don't have the link.I remember one ad in that campaign featured a parrot.

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idea is ok. actually like the resorce

the images could be a lot sharper though
what's this cloud around the mug? liquid? no need

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Idea is not bad. but, i don't like the objects. I'll preffer Dinosaur or Space ship etc.

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So so. Not really a fresh idea.

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Uh..."Any sound is possible" could have been mooore exciting and weird/funny. Those sounds are not exciting " ANY" sound.
A better refence can be the Campaign of a photosite/grapher/corbis/getty (can't remember) from Malaysia few years back, where they show what they do to for the right Picture.
hmm....This one falls flat.

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see sumthing like that 4 nokia handset which was featuring its merits of having different ringtones yes execution was different but idea was same but i think it is tried n tested it works to say d msg clearly which is d mainpurpose

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