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Celebrate the art of lovemaking. With 1500 dots.

Advertising Agency: R K Swamy BBDO, Chennai, India
Executive Creative Director: Navneet Virk
Creative Director: Navneet Virk
Art Director: Sundararaman J
Associate CD / Art Director: Balakumar
Associate CD / Copywriter: Arun R Kumarasamy
Account Director: Sunil Ranjan Pathak
Illustrator: Raj Selvan

August, 2013


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Looks beautiful but don't understand it.

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Kolam is a form of painting that is drawn using rice powder in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and most parts of Kerala and some parts of Goa, Maharashtra, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and a few other Asian countries. A Kolam is a geometrical line drawing composed of curved loops, drawn around a grid pattern of dots.

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Thanks for the insight.

Make the logo Bigger and the black, Darker!

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looks ugly to me

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Clean work and nice concept

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It doesn't look like it was made of rice powder.

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The visual is interesting, but I feel the benefit should be emphasized. The use of the word "Celebrate" doesn't connect well with the mellow colors and visuals.

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Fantastic! No wonder some hard works and thoughts played behind it.

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Artwork is great!

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Wonderful; art work.

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A small input to the idea behind this ad: As said by Ivan the kolam is made of grids of dots. This somehow draws a parallel with the product which has also has dots. Also if you see clearly the kolam shown in the ads portray a couple who is making love.

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Also kolams, and their colourful sisters known as rangolis are made specially during festivals at home and in the front yard. Hence the celebrate.


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this is kickass stuff. especially becoz it comes from RK.

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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Ad Analyst

Dear Ivan You are ever a bag of knowledge and elaborate well regarding anything related to ads or else. Yes the Tmail name of that design is kolam and usually in Indian language is called "RANGOLI". Its a cultural things which is made in any festival or to beautify home on any occasion.

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