Monterosa Ski: Swing

Nothing but flat. You'll long for going up again.

After each uphill. There is always a downhill. 31 facilities for 61 ski runs covering 180 kilometres of fun and excitement! Treat yourself to the beautiful Monterosa Ski resort: natural breathtaking scenery, plenty of events including culinary and wellness. A top quality offer at high altitude!

Advertising Agency : 3d'esign communication, Milan, Italy
Art Directors: Giovanni Trabucco, Matteo Mascetti
Copywriter: Vito Luigi Giannoccaro
Photography: Damiano Levati, Fabio Cravarezza
Post Production: Thomas Lavezzari
Published: November 2009


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I just don't get it. It's a poor translation or their trying to be witty but it doesn't make sense. When you say nothing but.. that means it's only, and if it's nothing but flat. than it's flat but your on a friggen mountain and it's anything but flat. This ad besides the visuals is flat.

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Who can explain?

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a log on the ski track, that's what I see. and who wants it to be flat if you want a sweet ride downhill?

I don't get/like the line. and there is nothing more about the ad.

szkwadrat's picture
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I do not get it either

morse's picture
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Something wrong with the headline. Maybe they meant to say:

Nothing is flat

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

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Good photo... everything else not good

silvi's picture
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Lost in translation

dthlb72's picture
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It shud be anything but flat

munirgee's picture
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whats this concept is saying?

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anson wong
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hhhmm a fat guy catapulted a skinny guy onto the mountains with that seesaw? bleh screw me


god is good but will he listen

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My Dad is an Ad Man
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Check out their web site The headline says "Dopo ogni salita. C'e sempre una discesa" which Google translates as "After each climb there is always a descent."

All this work and I still don't get it. :)

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as the words saids, " a good image can't save a a copy"

Chopper's picture
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Totally incomprehensible. Nice landscape.

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