Montana Meth Project: Mother

My Mom knows I'd never hurt her. Then she got in the way.
Meth. Not even once.

Advertising Agency: Venables Bell & Partners, San Francisco, USA
Creative Directors: Paul Venables, Greg Bell
Copywriters: James Robinson, Eric Liebhauser
Art Directors: Ray Andrade, Tavia Holmes, Blake Bakken

March, 2007


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these are cool ads, i saw some yesterday. so i decided to visit this site. and there they had these 12 tv ads which i downloaded at about 1 in the night. and they were so disturbing thhat i couldnt move from the seat and i woke up to a nightmare. some of the ads were nighmarish.. I m still unsettled.. though the ads were hard hiting, thought provkn.. like they should be but i think one must not over do it.. they were too weird. too harsh..

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Shut Theory
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the copy, i have been troubled by it... something is odd, it should be: my mom KNEW i'd never hurt her, then she got in the way. i couldnt get a grip of it once because of this fracture

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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There's something very beautiful about this ad in a most disturbing way.
Sent chills down my spine when I first saw it..

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