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Okay, so it's easier to get in a monster trucks with stilts than simply climbing on it?

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No k-rocka, it's meant to communicate her price before she gets in, stupid!!

Is it so hard to think before giving negative feedback?

Great campaign!! Makes me jealous. Good job.

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Is it so hard to respond to negative feedback without being rude and calling people stupid? Shows your lack-of character. I still don't see how stilts communicates her price, I think it looks like it's trying to communicate that fact that monster trucks are tall.

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It was a joke, dude. And a pretty funny one too. Calm down.

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Ya, great campaign!
But i think "Cracks" and "Hourly Rate" dont show us the same price,
both feel a little smaller than other.

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Don't take it too personal.

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i understand k-rocka, she just could not see, and is not sooo clear on the ad, that the girl is a prostitute waiting for a client...
anyway, i get it and like it.
i´m not sure about the audience.

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Andrey Vaslit
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By her clothes it can be assumed, but is not so clear. Showing the belly it would be better, also It's a little early. Don't be rude Copykid >_>
mmm I'm 2 years late XD

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