Movie with the girlfriend, popcorn and soda. There goes another 50. the only thing left is to draw blood.
Rent a movie. Fear is only on the screen.

Advertising Agency: Mr. Brain, Brazil
Creative Directors: André Sartorelli, Ézio de Castro
Art director: Leandro Rossini
Copywriter: Cristiano Guimarães
Photographer: Daniel Madsen
Translation to English: Juliana Wenceslau, Jason Hobbs

May 2007


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These 3 aren't bad concepts but I really don't like the "Rent a movie. Fear is only on the screen." quote. Maybe Brazilians dig it, but Oregonians don't.

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I haven't seen the original one, but by my translation it's really good (I'm Brazillian).. And the copies are very true. Specially the one that mentions money. A movie on atheater here costs a lot. Popcorns and sodas also in theaters also.
In God I trust

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PaulyG_fill in ...
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I dont get the message here. They say that 'Fear is only on the screen", but all the headlines suggest that fear is everywhere.

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Andreas TM
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When you RENT the movie it's only on the screen.

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sitting at home, yet again, burying farts in the couch seems more of a horror story to me.

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Is this a store that ONLY rents horror movies? If not, would have liked this campaign a lot more if all three weren't based on horror movies. They could have easily dropped the tag and used visuals and headlines touting other movie genres like drama and comedy.

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Great idea, xyz.
In God I trust

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me thinks
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I just love it. Cheers.

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