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The art direction on the one this was stolen from (http://adsoftheworld.com/media/print/health_and_safety_executive_noise_3) is amillion miles better, it has offset layers and dots like a blown up comic frame, unlike this one which looks crap, and its arip-of.

Juan Jesus Martinez, David Cruz, and Franklin Guevara you should be ashamed of yourselves.

At least one of you knows you ripped this off.

-10/10 for thievery.

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Agreed mi old fella. On the art direction part at least.

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no todos los comics son de los 70 y 80, creo que esta es más moderna y se justifica mejor el recurso.

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el problema es que este es un globo de lo qeu una persona dice, no una onomatopeya (sonido de ambiente característico de un comic) que fue lo que intentaron, digo, por eso de "el recurso bien justificado". o es que el carro o los amortiguadores hablan???

problem is that this it is a globe of which a person says, not one onomatopeya (sound of atmosphere characteristic of comic) who was what they tried, I say, for that reason of "the justified affluent resource". or it is that the car or the shock absorbers speaks?

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