Monopoly: Own it all, 4

Advertising Agency: JWT Frankfurt, Germany
Art Director: Petra Sievers
Copywriter: Michael Muck
Illustrator: Lichtmaschine Berlin
Photographer: Ralph Baiker
Retouching: Henning Moser
Published: January 2009

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Spark of creativity |

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hahahahaha nice one have you noticed the shape of the key holder i bet this babe would love to have one
hats off to the AD/photographer

"just commenting to gather points i love free drinks"

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

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LoL. good eye TRICKY


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I just LOVED this! good job.
“Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working.” Picasso.

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working.” Picasso.

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haha yea they totally look like dicks... took me a while to find lol

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good one

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I think the art direction is neat! I wonder how the Banker or Free Parking would be portrayed in this style...

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short shorts
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What's Waldo doing on the left?


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I feel like this whole campaign is a creative idea, and helps remind people about Monopoly, but beyond that I don't think it conveys any sense of fun or really anything about the game itself. Basically, its a big reminder for people who already know what Monopoly is.

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well.. maybe that's what they want. (to remind)


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Great idea. So simple. So rooted in the product. Nice work.

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gud one 5/10


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I like the whole campaign!

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i'm 100% lost in this ad

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It´s great, congrats!

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Good campaign. I am commenting on this of the four simply because of the pigtails. :) Personally, I enjoyed the "Watch where you land" ad series more. I don't see them on this site, but the ads were based around the small metal tokens: the top hat, a Scottish Terrier, and the car.

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very nice

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Very well done. Moving Monopoly away from being a family game to something you play at dinner parties with friends or uni students can play with flatmates and so on.. I tip my hat.

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This years semi-scam ad for Monopoly. Made to win in Cannes, nothing more nothing less.
But hell, it´s good, as all award-ads.

But in all Honesty,Monopoly, it´s not really a product that needs reminding people about what the hell it is. And this ad/ads expects the viewer to know everything already. haha. If you don´t already know the game, you don´t get shit from the ads.

hahahaha...holy crap. That´s dumb.

BUT they´re good. Isn´t that weird?

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Very Nice Campaign

No one can be told what the creativity is.... you have to create it for yourself.

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Simply amazing! Has "I wish I did it" all over it.

Good job team!

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Wadih A3
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ja ja ja ja nice! very very nice

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super super super super super super

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bueno, bueno, bueno, dueños de todas las propiedades para cannes..jejeje

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Good idea.

UDAYpatwardhan@+91 22 98206 54722

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simple, and cute.

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Great art direction.

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Very very good art direction. I really want to know how to create this kind of picture. I'm account executive, then not a brilliant Art Director, but I'm learning Photoshop and so on.

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I don't think there is anything really clever about this ad

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