Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense In America: Kinder Egg

One child is holding something that’s been banned in America to protect them. Guess which one.
We won't sell Kinder chocolate eggs in the interest of child safety. Why not assault weapons?

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July, 2013


Jon Connor's picture
Jon Connor

Can someone translate the above comment, I don't speak idiot

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2 pencils

but they dont sell assault weapons.

civilian guns that are baught look like the military weapons except they are modified to be single shot only. military have single, burst, and full auto. being shot by a civilian version of that gun would do the same as being shot by the civilian version of a pistol. and being shot but a civilian shotgun would do more damage than this gun. this is a very poorly planed/researched ad. i guess we should make the candy ok. sure some kids will die by choking probly but thats ok this ad clearly wants eaither guns banned or candy legalized lol

any full auto actual assault weapon sold is illegal and already aginst the law.

Robin Szemeti's picture
Robin Szemeti

We already know that the USA has banned the sale of Kinder chocolate eggs to kids, yet they are safely enjoyed by Europe without any problem. Some may think this is the over-protective state gone nuts, removing a simple pleasure from people for some mis-guided reasons of perceived danger.

It is also illegal to sell firearms to children, and rightly so.

I think you should have researched this campaign a little better, both items show are currently not legally available for purchase by minors. Both items shown are perfectly safe in the hands of a responsible adult, so I'm not really sure what point you are trying to make.

Dick Johnson's picture
Dick Johnson

Having kids holding bad guns,itshows "Moms Demand Action and Bloomberg being a HYPOCRITE.

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3 pencils

This ad is showing the ridiculousness of having Kinder eggs banned because of choking risks, but not having guns 'banned' when 6570 children are dying, from accidental shootings, each year. That's 18 per day. So if you really think this is a stupid campaign, from mothers who have lost their children because of accidental shooting and want to protect other parents from going through the same sole destroying pain of loosing a child, than you're a tosser. And for the record, Federal law prohibits hand gun ownership by any person under the age of 18, however it is still legal in 30 states, for under 18s to possess a long gun. Also, sithalo, if you think that children chocking to death is 'ok' than your a sicko and you're the one who is not 'ok'. Incidentally, DICK Johnson, they are not being hypocritical they are merely making an advertising campaign to promote their organisation, and by having a child holing a gun reiterates the shocking fact that children aren't banned from owning guns in the USA.

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