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good one!

bigbadfatmadafaka's picture
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LOL...I kind of like it.

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4899 pencils

why would anyone like this? it's a shitty before and after ad with better photography.

esotericusername's picture
313 pencils

you don't get it do you? Thats okay.

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i get it. she's running after her kids. still a bad ad in my opinion.

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TOO GOOD awesome man..........
4 outta 5.


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More like "energy drink for HAVING kids" by the look of her! :)

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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me thinks
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Energy drink for kids? or diet drink for moms?

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• ω •
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nice thought.

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I like how they've turned what looks like another before / after slimming ad into one that actually promotes a benefit. More energy = More running around for kids = Less weight for Moms . Cool. But was there REALLY a need for FOUR ads, all with the same given benefit? Apart from alleviating the monotony of seeing the same ad all the time, that is.

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Very creative, extremely good!!!

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1- I think this kind of creativity is dedicated to us. Too difficult to understund for the masses.
Make a test on 30 women on the road and tell me the % of understunding.

2- Energy for kids is not a good insight for mothers. Nutrition, feed, vitamins are insinghs.
But energy? Do you think a mother wants her kid more and more active? I thing kids are enouth active.

good creativity, but only for advertising people

(As usual, sorry for my english. I hope you will understund)

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"Too difficult to understund for the masses."

Oh you're so right! The masses couldn't possibly live up to the intelligence standards of the advertising creative community! What were they thinking? At my agency we have a machine that analyzes the IQ necessary to contemplate the deep profound thoughts that we inject into ads. When you create content that is meant to sell such items as sugary drinks, cookies and sometimes even crackers, you’ve got to be careful.

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It is not a question of "intelligence". The question is about "forma mentis".

If you work in advertising you have a different approach to the ad. Very different.
You stop to watch it. You go in search of the idea. If you dont' find the idea... you stop and go twice in search of it.

But for the masses, your ad probably suks. If your idea is not simple and clear.... your ad is good only for creative people.

Advertising must sell producst.

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Oh gawd, I'm about to sound all suity. This probably isn't the right ad to have this debate on, given that it's most likely a scam. But this is the way I see it, probably wrong. But I'll stop my usual insults of mothers, nationalities and usernames, and give a try at some actual discussion. Mostly because it's Friday and I don't hate the gods right now.

The way I see it, a brand is like a book. The book has a presence. Now, if I'm walking through the book store and spot a book with a cover and title I like, I pick it up and realize it's 300 pages, and put it down. I'll understand that that book has something to say, that there's content. Even if I don't read it, even if I've never heard of it, there's something there, a little depth. I'll return to that bookstore and maybe read a page, not even a minute of my time, and I'll keep returning if I like what I read. Do you get what I'm saying. I know that normal people don't sit around and contemplate the ad but if we can communicate that our brand has a character that there's intelligence, then slowly we'll reach people. People will talk about the intelligence and the culture. Nobody will discuss a dumb ad, or a simple obvious concept. But people will discuss if they feel like they're part of some kind of intelligence or a special group.

That may have sounded like complete bullshit. But keep in mind, I'm an art director and they only gave me a keyboard here so that I can work the stamp tool in Photoshop.

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en lo absoluto, creo que si sub estimamos a nuestro público jamás podremos hacer publicidad interesante, relevante e impactante

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non ho capito una fava di quello che hai detto. prova a scrivere in un inglese anche cazzuto come il mio, che magari capiscono tutti.

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Good campaign.

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what's so 'campaign' about this??????????? Same idea, 4 moms dont make it a campaign. Do they??

Anyway, scammy or not, the idea's nice.

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Advertising Pawn
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Haha, I love those kind of campaigns where you don't get what is going on immediately. Sure, it clicks far more for advertising people as we expect the prestige of the joke (the product+tagline) to be different from what it actually is. Nice campaign anyway.



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chintan ruparel
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veda ur lookin funny in this :P
this actually got released guys!

nice work...im training ther ;)

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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Same idea, 4 executions?

puppiepoppy's picture
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Hmmn....yup, they can actually come out with another dozens more of the same execution. Lazy way of doing a so-called campaign.

jennywhx's picture
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since when, weird/special idea that others never thought of = GOOD idea.
no matter how "creative" this ads it, will it actually works to the target audience?

by the way, sometimes, i don't get why "unusual" = good.

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these are completely ridiculous.

I got them right away, and hated them right away. Without it being titled "Mom", there would be a very large gap to fill in. Too large in fact.

Even then, these are completely boring. (and executed the same way four times.)


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i've seen this idea for dog food.
these ads are okay but not outstanding.

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absolutely. i did this five years ago for pedigree. found out later it had been done before.

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O&M? worse then students work, very amateurish!

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Mack Daddy
18 pencils

Maybe the thin Mom should be looking a little tired?

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Fk Mikenj
197 pencils

to me, for unknown reasons, the visual immediately tell me: "this is a mom, and this NOT a lose weight drug for mom" then i look the tagline i think "Ah hahaha funny"
good ad, lazy campaign.

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